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Purchasing Staff Assignments

City of Albuquerque procurement actions are assigned to Senior Buyers by Department. Below is a list of each Senior Buyer's departments.

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Staff Assignments

Name Title Department/Assignment Contact
Iris Cordova Procurement Manager
  • Aviation


[email protected]

Estevan Vargas Assistant Procurement Officer
  • Mayor/CAO


[email protected]

Claire Gonzales Transit Senior Buyer
  • Transit 
  • Senior Affairs
  • Various Contracts


[email protected]

Manuela Martinez  Senior Buyer 
  • Albuquerque Police Department
  • Albuquerque Fire and Rescue 
  • Community Safety 
  • Emergency Operation Center 


[email protected]

David Zamora Senior Buyer
  • Environmental Health
  • Animal Welfare
  • Family and Community Services
  • Civilian Police Oversight
  • Inspector General
  • Internal Audit
  • City Council
  • Legal
  • Department of Technology and Innovation


[email protected]

Brandy Jones Senior Buyer
  • Arts and Culture 
  • Finance and Administrative Services 
  • Planning
  • Human Resources 
  • Economic Development
  • City Clerk
  • Parks and Recreation


[email protected]


Michael Braniff Senior Buyer 
  • Municipal Development
  • Solid Waste Management 
  • General Services


[email protected]