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Aquarium Exhibits

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Dive into the colorful and interesting world of water at the ABQ BioPark Aquarium.

Aquarium jelliesAquarium jellies

Gulf Coast Gallery

The Gulf Coast is home to some of the most colorful and diverse underwater creatures.

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Inside the Wreck

Shipwrecks provide homes for an array of underwater life.

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Jellies: Aliens from the Sea

Become mesmerized by the strange yet graceful jellyfish.

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Rio Grande at Central Bridge

See who lived in the Rio Grande a century ago and who lives there now.

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Salt Marsh

Life flourishes within these salty beds.

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Shallows & Shores

Fish, birds and many other animals thrive in this ecosystem at the edge of the ocean.

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Shark Tank

Learn more about the ocean's super predators.

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Ship's Cove

Marvel at detailed miniature ship models and learn about boat designs.

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South Pacific Gallery

See the stunning animals from the South Pacific in this gallery of jewel tanks.

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Working on the Water

Take a peek at a life on a shrimp boat.

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