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Pacific Coral Reef

Experience the sea's most colorful and diverse ecosystem.

Coral Reef bannerThe Aquarium's walk-through exhibit is full of colorful new fish! More than 200 fish from 75 different species are swimming in the bright Pacific Coral Reef. 

As Diverse as a Rain Forest

Coral reefs support one-third of the world’s fish species. Reef fish have unique adaptations. Triggerfish raise their dorsal fins to lock into narrow crevices and escape predators. Butterflyfish attract mates with unique colors and patterns.

What's Hard as a Rock and Soft as Jelly?

Corals! Soft-bodied animals called polyps leave behind calcium carbonate skeletons when they die. New generations of polyps build above these remains. Eventually, magnificent coral reefs form.

Funded by Nuture Your Love of Nature

This exhibit was funded by the New Mexico BioPark Society, thanks in large part to a contribution from the Frank D. Gorham, Jr. and Marie Kelly Gorham Charitable Foundation. The exhibit transformation is part of NMBPS’s “Nuture Your Love of Nature” Capital Campaign.