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  • 10/02/2014: The Task Force Made their final recommendations.

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Oct 2, 2014

Presentation - Final Recommendations

Summary - Final Recommendations

Sept 25, 2014 N/A
    Supplemental Handout for Presentation by Lt. Glenn St. Onge:
      Handouts for Presentation on Assisted Out Patient Treatment by Andy Vallejos:
        Handout for Presentation on Long-Term Services by Dr. Miriam Komaromy:
              Sept 18, 2014 N/A

              Group 6: Case Management

              Group 3: Interaction with Courts Systems Report

              Recommendations from Housing Workgroup

              Record of Issues

              Roadblocks Presentation

              Aug 21, 2014 Meeting Minutes

              NM Behavioral Health Collaborative Meeting 2/27/2014

              Fast Track Presentation

              Interaction with Court Systems Group

              Long Term Services Working Group

              Housing Workgroup

              Aug 7, 2014 Meeting Minutes

              Cost and Outcomes of Selected Behavioral Health Grants and Spending: Human Services Department Presentation

              Small Working Groups Handouts & Updates:

              • Group 1: Gaps Analysis (formally known as: Identifying medical/psychiatric services and resources for citizens in the metro area)
              • Group 2: Crisis Encounters/ Intervention— no handouts
              • Group 3: Interaction with the Court Systems / Assisted Outpatient Treatment (AOT) (This group now consists of the former group 3: Legal Status and Rights of persons with mental illness and Group 4: Interaction with the Court Systems—they were combined into one group and a new area of emphasis was added )
              • Group 4: No presentation or handouts
              • Group 5: Long-Term Maintenance and Access to Services
              • Group 6: Case Management
              July 16, 2014 Meeting Minutes

              Working Groups

              Wertheimer Final Report 2004

              House Joint Memorial 01 Task Force Recommendations 2011

              Presentation on the Supportive Housing Project, Lisa Simpson

              June 26, 2014 Meeting Minutes

              Official Press Release

              News Item




                June 9, 2014 City Council passed legislation calling for the creation of the Task Force on Behavioral Health



                May 27, 2014 Press Release announcing the creation of the Task Force on Behavioral Health

                Official Press Release

                News Item


                City Councilors Brad Winter and Isaac Benton recently sponsored legislation that called for the creation of a "Task Force on Mental Health" (renamed to the "Task Force on Behavioral Health") to work towards service strategies that will benefit our entire community.

                This call for action unites the City, State, and County in a bipartisan effort to address the mental health crisis in New Mexico. City Councilmen Winter and Benton, County Commissioner’s Hart-Stebbins and Johnson and State Senator’s O’Neill and Rue join together to bring this matter before the citizens of New Mexico with hopes of finding immediate and sustainable solutions.

                Task Force Members & Duties

                The Task Force will meet to discuss joint funding opportunities from the State of New Mexico, City of Albuquerque and County of Bernalillo and to propose recommendations to address the issues surrounding and concerning mental health issues within the State of New Mexico.


                Isaac Benton Albuquerque City Councilor
                Brad Winter Albuquerque City Councilor
                Wayne Johnson Bernalillo County Commissioner
                Maggie Hart-Stebbins Bernalillo County Commissioner
                Sander Rue New Mexico State Senator
                Bill O'Neill New Mexico State Senator
                Rick Miera New Mexico State Representative
                Klarissa Peña Albuquerque City Councilor
                Liz Thompson New Mexico State Representative
                Michael Robertson

                City of Albuquerque – Division Manager of Health and Human Services

                Rodney McNease

                University of NM Hospital- Executive Director of Behavior Health Administration

                Katrina Hotrum

                Director of the County’s Department of Substance Abuse Programs

                Andy Vallejos

                Coordinator for the Task Force on Mental Health

                Lisa Simpson

                Bernalillo Co. Public Safety Division - Technical Advisor to the Adult Reform Coordinator

                Kelly Bradford

                Bernalillo Co. Adult Detention Reform Coordinator

                Wayne Lindstrom

                New Mexico Human Services Department

                Jean Klein

                Metropolitan Court- Program Manager for the Mental Health and Homeless Courts

                Nils Rosenbaum

                Albuquerque Police Department- Crisis Outreach Psychiatrist

                Doug Chaplin

                City of Albuquerque- Director of the Family and Community Services Dept.

                Maureen Kolomeir

                Provider in Outpatient Psychiatric Clinic- Practitioner in the health care community 22+ yrs

                Thomas Gagliano

                NAMI- Currently enrolled in the Family to Family Program

                Jessica Perseo

                Bernalillo County Metropolitan Detention Center- Psychiatric Acute Care (PAC 1)

                David Ley

                New Mexico Solutions- Executive Director

                Paula Harper

                The Supportive Housing Coalition of New Mexico

                Douglas Fraser

                Consumer and experience with TeamBuilding- Trauma Informed Care

                Michele Franowsky

                Social Worker Consultant- Mental Health Division of the Law Offices of the Public Defender

                Anita Briscoe

                Psychiatric Nurse Practicioner- 20 + years in the field

                Nancy Koenigsberg

                Disability Rights New Mexico- Legal Director

                Miriam Komaromy

                Physician- Certified in internal and addiction medicine

                Robert Maxwell

                Albuquerque Health Care for the Homeless- Casa Los Arboles

                Beth Dehler

                Mental health provider in the public schools

                Eric Peterson

                Public health, social service and nursing experience

                Adriana Delgado

                Bernalillo County Fire Fighter/ EMT

                Jill Marshall

                NM Department of Health- Program Director of the Los Lunas Community Program

                Caroline Bonham

                Psychiatrist in the UNM Department of Psychiatry/ Vice Chair of Community Partnerships

                Marsha McMurray-Avila

                Bernalillo County Community Health Council – Coordinator

                Bill Wagner

                Centro Savila- Founder

                Harris Silver, MD

                Bernalillo county Opioid Accountability Group- Co-Coordinator

                Jay Crowe

                Albuquerque Health Care for the Homeless- Behavioral Health Manager/Clinical Director

                Fr. Rusty Smith

                St. Martin’s Hospitality and Behavioral Health Center- Executive Director & CEO

                Lt. Chad S. Kim

                Albuquerque Fire Department- Quality Improvement Captain

                Sgt. Patrick Burk

                Bernalillo County Sheriff- Sergeant of the Crisis Intervention Team Unit

                Lt. Glenn St. Onge

                Albuquerque Police Department- Lieutenant of the Crisis Intervention Team

                Art Marshall

                District Court- Director of Pretrial services and mental health court

                Adan Carriaga

                Citizen with interest in behavioral health care

                Mauricio Tohen

                UNM- Department of Psychiatry- Professor and Chairman

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