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Bikeways and Trails Facilities Plan

This page contains information about the adoption process for the Draft City of Albuquerque Bikeways and Trails Facilities Plan (BTFP)

Latest Update:

About this Project

The Bikeways and Trails Facilities Plan (BTFP) is a collaborative effort between:

  • the Department of Municipal Development
  • the Parks & Recreation Department
  • the Planning Department

The Plan evaluates the existing and proposed facilities and provides a list of future projects. The overarching purpose is to ensure a well-connected and enjoyable non-motorized transportation and recreation system throughout the metropolitan area.

This plan proposes projects and programs that can be implemented over the next 50 years, at our current rates of funding for bikeways & trails activities. However, the plan recommends more frequent updates at 5 year intervals to allow the City to keep up with new best practices and to reflect our evolving understanding of the challenges facing the City in terms of walking and bicycling.


  • December 10, 2014: the Plan will have its first LUPZ hearing. This is the first step in the City Council's final adoption process, which will include at least two hearings at the Council's LUPZ Committee, and hearings before the full Council.
  • October 9, 2014: the Environmental Planning Commission (EPC) voted to recommend approval of the Bikeways and Trails Facility Plan, October 2014 version.

City Councilor Isaac Benton has been asked to sponsor "by request" the legislation adopting the Plan.