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A Comprehensive Plan Update and New Development Ordinance!

Why This Project Matters

This project is important because it will update all the zoning and land development regulations in the city.

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Project Team

Mikaela Renz-Whitmore
[email protected]

Andrew Webb
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Main Project Email
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For more information and to provide input check out the ABC to Z project page.

Latest Update

January 8, 2016:  Based on public, staff, and agency input from workshops and focus groups, a Vision document, which sets out guiding principles, a vision map, and key issues and goals, was developed in Fall of 2015. This document will guide policy updates in the full Comprehensive Plan. City staff is continuing to work on the first draft of the Comprehensive Plan, and will be available to the public in late January, accompanied by public meetings to discuss it. 

Module 1 of the Integrated Development Ordinance (IDO), which will become the City's new regulatory framework for land use, is available on the ABC-Z project page (listed above). Module 2, which will include dimensional standards for building heights, setbacks, landscaping, parking requirements, etc., will be posted for public review in February/March of 2016. Module 3, which will discuss the review and approval process for private development, will be out for public review in the Summer of 2016.


Enabling Legislation

  • 4/21/2014: Council adopted authorizing resolution, R-14-46
  • June 2014: Request for Proposals (RFP) Issued
  • 12/15/2014 – Council accepts, EC-14-219, recommendation of contract award to consultant team led by Clarion Associates

Documents & Downloads

Supporting Documents & Background Information

Date Document Details
Feb. 4-6 2015

Kick-off Event Schedule



Project Kick-Off; Consultant team in Albuquerque

8/21/2014 Presentation Presentation for Bernalillo County Placematters.
6/25/2014 Frequently Asked Questions Frequently Asked Questions regarding this process
5/19/2014 R-14-47 Albuquerque City Council approved funding for this project during the FY15 Budget adoption.
5/14/2014 Overview Presentation PowerPoint Presentation given at LUPZ that outlines the purpose of this process.
4/21/2014 R-14-46

The Albuquerque City Council unanimously approved:

  • Update of the Comprehensive Plan
  • Creation a Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) to update and replace, the Zoning Code, Development Process Manual, and other ordinances and policies regulating land use and transportation in the city to reflect best planning practices

List of Development Plans and Policies in Albuquerque.

Existing Comprehensive Plan

Section Download

Section I: Introduction and Context


Land Use

Environmental Protection and Heritage Conservation

Community Resource Management

Section II: Goals and Policies

Summary and Intent

Land Use

Environmental Protection and Heritage Conservation

Community Resource Management

Section III: Monitoring and Implementation Subsections A-F


Tables and Figures

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