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Air Quality Permits

Your business may impact the air quality in Albuquerque. Air Quality permits help businesses operate while protecting public health and our natural resources.


Compliance and Enforcement oversees asbestos removal in Albuquerque.

Asbestos removal is a regulated activity.

Fugitive Dust

Compliance and Enforcement helps minimize fugitive dust in Albuquerque.

Dust at construction sites can be managed.

Open Burn

Compliance and Enforcement helps minimize open burning in Albuquerque.

Burn piles larger than 3 square feet need a permit.

Stationary Source

Compliance and Enforcement regulate stationary source polutants in Albuquerque.

Stationary Sources of air pollution may be regulated.

Air Quality Notifications Issued in the Previous Month

Record # Facility Name Company Name Location Description
 **No AQNs have been issued as of today**        

Pending Air Permits in Albuquerque – Bernalillo County

 App # Name Comment On Comment Period Ends Related Documents
3027-M1 TLC Plumbing & Utility Application March 28, 2018 View Public Notice
3278 ABCWUA North Valley Stockpile Technical Analysis March 25, 2018 View Public Notice

Applicable Regulations

View air quality regulations applicable to operators in Albuquerque and Bernalillo County.