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Advertising on ABQ RIDE Buses

Information about advertising on ABQ RIDE Buses.

High impact, high frequency advertising that can saturate a market quickly. Provides the lowest cost per thousand compared to any other medium.

Market Coverage Data

  • Total Metro Population 522,000 +.
  • Total Number of Buses 148 (including 40 CNG buses).
  • Hours of Operation 6:00am to 8:30pm Monday - Saturday.
  • Areas Served: Albuquerque City Limits, Kirtland AFB, Sandia National Labs, Rio Rancho, University of New Mexico, CNM, Albuquerque Intenational Sunport, all residential neighborhoods, I-40, I-25, Downtown, Old Town, Nob Hill, Central Avenue, Coronado Mall, Winrock Mall, Cottonwood Mall, Albuquerque Museum, Zoo, New Mexico Museum of Natural History, Botanic Garden, State Fair Park and Ride.

ABQ RIDE Bus Advertising policy

  • ABQ RIDE will not allow any political, religious or social awareness advertisements on any of our buses.
  • The subject matter of bus advertising shall be limited to content that proposes a commercial transaction or service.
  • The following standards for advertising have been adopted and advertising content will not be displayed that:
    • Is false, misleading, or deceptive,
    • Relates to an illegal or unlawful activity,
    • Advertises alcohol or tobacco products,
    • Depicts violence and/or anti-social behavior, or
    • Includes language, which is obscene, vulgar, profane and scatological.
  • ABQ RIDE reserves the right to grant final approval on any advertisement.

Learn more about bus advertising and see examples below.

Advertising Presentation


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