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Park and Ride Studies

Information about planning efforts for new park and ride lots.

East Central Park-and-Ride 

A park-and-ride site is an integral part of a transit system to collect passengers close to their home. ABQ RIDE has two existing park-and-ride facilities on the east side of the city – at Tramway and Montgomery and in Uptown. There remains a large portion of the east side without close and convenient access to park-and-ride facilities.

ABQ RIDE’s goal is to find and develop a park-and-ride site in the East Central Avenue area to improve public access to transit and to establish a designated driver break area. ABQ RIDE has studied five potential site locations in this area. ABQ RIDE hosted a virtual public meeting to share the findings of the study and discuss the recommendations. There was a presentation followed by a question and answer session with the project team.

Meeting recording

Presentation Slides

SW Mesa Park-and-Ride

ABQ RIDE hosted a virtual public meeting for the Southwest Quadrant Park-and-Ride Feasibility Study in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The meeting was held on Tuesday, November 15, 2022 from 6:00-7:00pm. Watch a recording of the meeting on ABQRIDE’s YouTube channel.

At this virtual meeting, the project team reviewed and discussed:

  • Project limits and background information
  • Demand forecasting method used
  • Alternative project sites reviewed and the evaluation matrix used
  • Next steps and project schedule

The feasibility study has been finalized, and site 1B was selected as the preferred location. 

View the five potential locations for a new Park and Ride project in the Southwest area of Albuquerque.

SW Park & Ride Feasibility Study Report


Coors Blvd. Park-and-Ride

ABQ RIDE has two successful park-and-ride facilities located on the West Mesa – at Central Avenue and Unser Boulevard, as well as the Northwest Transit Center near Cottonwood Mall. These sites are almost 11 miles apart, which leaves a large portion of the west side unserved.

ABQ RIDE’s goal is to find and develop a park-and-ride site between the two existing sites to improve access to transit. ABQ RIDE has evaluated six potential facilities along Coors Boulevard between St. Joseph’s Drive and Montaño Plaza. ABQ RIDE shared the findings of the study and their recommendations in a virtual public meeting.

Map-PUBLIC MEETING Coors Blvd. Park-and-Ride facility location study

Meeting Presentation (PDF)

Meeting Recording