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Myths vs Facts

Many people have misconceptions about safety among public transportation and believe that riding the bus is dangerous, however, research suggests otherwise. Here are some common misconceptions about ABQ RIDE.

Green bus with One Albuquerque and ABQ RIDE logos. Title: Myths vs. Facts



ABQ Ride has no security.

ABQ RIDE currently has 24 security guards monitoring ABQ RIDE 7 days a week and (10) mobile units per shift available at a moment’s notice.

Albuquerque Police Department is not around to help.


APD works closely with ABQ RIDE on its safety plan, including access to 2,524 cameras across the department, all connected via the Real Time Crime Center. Not to mention  emergency 911 buttons on ART platforms. 

Bus stops are not maintained. 

Crew members maintain more than 1,300 bus stops and 4 transit centers daily.

Riding the bus is dangerous

  • Incidents on buses have decreased since May 2022 and continue to trend downward
  • Security checks have increased, adding to a decrease in incidents. 
  • Security Checks include officers conducting proactive/routine checks of ABQ RIDE facilities and buses to ensure the areas remain SAFE! 

Riding the Bus isn't as safe compared to other forms of transportation. 

  • Buses are one of the safest ways to get from point A to point B.
  • Our drivers are professional, certified, and well-trained.
  • Our buses are inspected by professional mechanics and scheduled for routine maintenance checks ensuring safe operations.

You don't save money by riding the bus.                   

ABQ RIDE passengers can save an average of $800 per month, saving nearly $10,000 each year!

Riding the bus is HARD!

Actually, riding the bus has never been easier!

  • Download the FREE TRANSIT APP for easy trip planning. 
  • The Transit App provides passengers with a Plan Your Trip feature, a transit companion to time out your trip to and from the bus stop and a live bus function so you know where your bus is.
  • Our New and improved app now features bus route cancellations!

“I don’t ride the bus, so it doesn’t benefit me.”

Every person on the bus is one less car on the road, helping to reduce greenhouse emissions. Benefiting everyone!

ART Buses cause traffic congestion.

ART buses transport an average of 151,000 passengers per month, reducing traffic issues. The more passengers riding the bus means fewer vehicles on the streets.

Visitors to New Mexico are not able to ride the bus.

EVERYONE including visitors to our great city are welcome on ABQ RIDE!

Visit our reports page to view latest ridership and security trends. 

Download the free Transit App today!