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Lost and Found

If you've lost something on any ABQ RIDE bus, we may be holding onto it for you.

Report a Lost Item

Call (505) 243-RIDE (7433)

Hours: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Lost items found on ABQ RIDE vehicles are turned in each day at the end of each shift to our Security division.

At no time does ABQ RIDE assume responsibility for lost items.

Items are kept for two weeks after being found.

Lost and Found Retrieval Tips:

  • Items sometimes don't reach our Security division until the end of a shift. It is best to wait and call the next day to confirm if ABQ RIDE has found your lost item.
  • When you call, be ready with information that can help us identify your lost item, such as a detailed description or a unique characteristic of an item.
  • Knowing the bus route number, the bus number (located at the front of the bus above the window), the time of day you traveled, and the direction of travel can help.