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Clearing the Way for Safer Neighborhoods

Mayor Keller to Signs Legislation that Streamlines Demolition Process for Unsafe Buildings
March 15, 2024

ALBUQUERQUE – Today, Mayor Tim Keller was joined by Councilor Brook Bassan to sign O-24-1 into law. The ordinance streamlines the process that the Planning Department’s Code Enforcement Division follows to demolish unsafe commercial buildings, unsafe accessory structures, and dwellings unfit for human habitation. The City of Albuquerque also highlighted the demolition of a longtime nuisance property, 3711 Lombardy Rd NW. The City continues to improve the quality of life and safety in neighborhoods by identifying problematic properties and demolishing unsafe structures that are beyond repair.

O-24-1 improves the process for the demolition of unsafe, nuisance properties. Rather than presenting a Resolution of Condemnation to City Council, cases will be heard by an independent Hearing Officer. A decision can be issued by the Hearing Officer, and the Hearing Officer’s decision can be appealed to City Council.

“Dilapidated buildings become hotspots for crime, create real problems for neighbors, and drain City resources,” said Mayor Tim Keller. “We will continue to address problem properties in our city, and this ordinance gives us a better process to clean up our neighborhoods.”

At the event, 3711 Lombardy Rd NW was highlighted as a property that has been a drain on City resources, collecting liens and multiple calls for service over the last three years. The City issued warnings and notices to the property owners to remedy the situation. The property was set to be demolished today but the property owners received their demolition permit yesterday, which means they are now accepting responsibility for the demolition.

“We give people every chance we can to fix their property, but when the nuisance is causing so much harm for the neighbors then we have to step in and perform the unpleasant task of clearing the property,” said Planning Department Director Alan Varela. “It is never our first choice but we have to keep our city safe.”