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Clearing the Way for New Housing Forward Initiative

City Planning Department continues demolishing unsafe structures to make room for new housing.
December 01, 2022

Since the beginning of 2022, there have been 27 structures demolished as a result of actions by the Planning Department’s Divisions for Code Enforcement and Building Safety. At this time, there are six more emergency demolitions on the horizon. Additionally, 11 more potential demolitions are under review for Resolutions of Condemnation, which go through the Governmental Operations Committee and then the City Council for final approval.

“Buildings that have become dilapidated may be considered dangerous and can often threaten the health and safety of the surrounding neighborhoods,” said Planning Department Deputy Director Jeremy Keiser. “The Code Compliance team has made huge strides this past year in identifying and removing these unsafe properties to create new housing opportunities within Albuquerque.”

This renewed focus on ridding the community of unsafe properties comes as the City recently launched the Housing Forward Initiative, a strategy to increase access to housing. Part of the strategy includes reimagining underutilized properties or demolishing those that are no longer viable and using the space for new housing. Addressing the availability of housing is key to the safety and prosperity of residents, ensuring multigenerational families always have a place in the City to call home.