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City Releases New Online Tool to Advance Housing

“Fast Housing” identifies site plans that can be expedited at no extra charge
July 09, 2024

ALBUQUERQUE – The Albuquerque City Council recently passed Resolution 24-22, establishing a two-year policy for prioritizing site plan approvals and construction permitting of certain development projects. Specifically, ones that will result in permanent housing near Downtown, Metropolitan Redevelopment Areas, and many of the city’s centers and corridors.


To help community members identify addresses that qualify, the City of Albuquerque’s Planning Department has developed a new online tool called “Fast Housing.”


Currently, the procedure for site plan approvals and construction permitting is “first come, first served”, which means wait times can vary depending on workload and staff capacity. However, the Planning Department does offer an optional fee-based construction permitting program called “FasTrax” to expedite plan review with guaranteed plan review completion dates.


Now, with the new Fast Housing program, all new housing projects that qualify can be easily identified, then expedited using the “FasTrax” program - but with the fee waived.  Fast Housing locations fall within ¼ mile of Downtown, Urban Centers, Employment Centers, Activity Centers, Premium Transit Corridors, Main Street Corridors, Major Transit Corridors, and Multi-modal Corridors, as well as the city’s Metropolitan Redevelopment Areas.


“The new Fast Housing tool will help people quickly and easily identify addresses that qualify for expedited approval,” said Planning Department Director Alan Varela. “It is possible that applicants who submit complete and accurate applications can receive their Site Plan approval and building permit within days instead of weeks or months.  We are going to continue doing everything we can to help spur development that will increase Albuquerque’s housing stock”.


Last year, in response to the current crisis in housing supply for Albuquerque residents, Mayor Tim Keller launched an emergency initiative called “Housing Forward” to spur access to, conversion, and construction of new housing in the local market.


“Now is the time to embrace innovative, forward-thinking ideas to confront the housing crisis,” said Mayor Tim Keller. “Prioritizing development that increases options for Albuquerque families to live and stay in this city is a key part of our housing strategy.”


The Fast Housing tool can be found on the City’s website at