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City Demolishes Unsafe Structures to Improve Neighborhood Safety

Planning Department razes problem property.

March 14, 2023

The City of Albuquerque is continuing to improve the quality of life throughout Albuquerque by identifying problematic properties and razing unsafe structures. On Tuesday, March 14, the City began the demolition of a building located at Mary Ellen St NE. This is a part of the City’s efforts to improve community safety by clearing out unsafe structures and making room for new housing.

"We know dilapidated buildings attract crime and reduce the appeal of surrounding areas,” said Mayor Tim Keller. “When remediation is not an option, demolitions can increase public safety and provide a clean slate for new development and positive community growth.”

Since 2022, there have been 32 structures demolished as a result of actions by the Planning Department’s Divisions for Code Enforcement and Building Safety. At this time, there are five more emergency demolitions on the horizon. Additionally, seven more potential demolitions are under review for Resolutions of Condemnation, which go through the Governmental Operations Committee and then the City Council for final approval.

“Dilapidated buildings can pose a threat to the health and safety of surrounding neighborhoods,” said Planning Director Alan Varela. “The Code Compliance team has made significant progress in detecting and eliminating hazardous properties, thereby clearing the way for the creation of new housing opportunities."

To strengthen prevention efforts, the City has also proposed changes to the City’s nuisance abatement ordinance. The changes would:

  • Amend the definition of Public Nuisance to include additional problematic violations not currently covered in the ordinance
  • Add civil fines and method of service, and amend administrative appeal process for Weed & Litter Ordinance
  • Amend the hearing process and adds civil fines to Humane and Ethical Animal Rules and Treatment (HEART) Ordinance