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Shooting Range Park Rules & Firearms Safety

View information about the Shooting Range Park's rules and firearms safety.

Firearms Restrictions

  • All firearms must be in a case.
  • No caliber restrictions are currently in effect for the range.
  • No fully automatic firearm fire.
  • Ammunition restricted: no tracer or self-igniting rounds.
  • Specific to 50 BMG’s: No steel core ammunition.
  • There is no concealed carry or open carry allowed on the public range, with the exception of sworn law enforcement officers, credentials required.

Range Rules

General Shooting Range Rules:

  1. Keep all firearms pointed straight up or straight down range only.
  2. All firearms must be in a case or in a holster when bringing the firearms from your vehicle to the shooting tables.
  3. Case and uncase firearms on the front shooting tables, facing straight down range.
  4. Do not handle firearms behind firing line.
  5. Treat all firearms as if they were loaded.
  6. Absolutely no horseplay at anytime.
  7. No rapid fire.
  8. When shooting prone or kneeling, shoot in-between tables. The muzzle has to be on the other side of the concrete, the shooter's entire body is on the concrete. Otherwise shoot in the notch in the table.
  9. No one can draw and fire from a holster.
  10. Only a sworn Police Officer may holster but, nobody can draw and fire.
  11. Only targets approved by the Shooting Range Staff may be used.
  12. If a Range Officer deems your gun, ammunition, or equipment are unsafe; you will have to remove that item from the range.
  13. We reserve the right to refuse service if intoxicated, disregard for rules, or not complying with Range Officer's instructions.
  14. If you have a "hang fire"; keep the firearm pointed down range and call for a Rangemaster.
  15. No Smoking on the Public Range

Rules for Minors

  1. A minor is a person who is 15 years old or younger.
  2. A minor has to shoot with an adult present and the minor will shoot on the adult's lane.
  3. An adult will stand within arms length of the minor while handling a firearm.
  4. The supervising adult has to concentrate on the minor if handling the firearm and cannot be reloading magazines, looking through a spotting scope, or shooting at another table.

Rules for Cease Fires

  1. No gun handling.
  2. There is no touching of equipment on front shooting tables and shooters shall remain behind the Red Line.
  3. You cannot bring a gun from your vehicle or to your vehicle during a cease fire.

Rules for Muzzle Loaders

  1. During cease fires, the muzzle loader must be empty of powder.
  2. During cease fires, the muzzle loader must be racked on the back tables facing straight up.
  3. Loading and cleaning cannot be done during cease fires.
  4. The caps/primers stay on the front table and the powder and equipment must stay on the back tables.
  5. All loading and cleaning is accomplished on the back tables during live fire ONLY.
  6. If for any reason a shooter needs to remove a Breech Plug, this will be accomplished on the firing line table with the muzzle pointed down range during live fire ONLY.