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Grant Writing Toolkit Series

There are many foundations, charities, corporations, and government entities that are working to make our local communities happier and healthier places to live and that may be interested in providing financial support to your organization to help promote joint goals and vision for the community.

Grant funding can be an effective tool to bring a needed program or service to life in your community. However, before you begin researching and applying for grants, it is important to know the answers to some key questions.

  • Am I prepared to start writing grant proposals?
  • How do I research grant opportunities?
  • What is typically involved in the grant writing process?
  • Are the programs I am applying for “grant-ready?”
  • Is this program a good match for a particular funder?
  • Can we deliver on the reporting and outcomes a particular funder is looking for?

Download the entire series in PDF format here.

Grant Application Processes

Before you start writing, you want to assess your eligibility, prioritize which grants to write, and assess your capacity and time for writing and managing each potential funding source.

Nonprofit Organizations

This section will help you understand the basics of nonprofit structures. Please note that this information is meant to be an overview. Please consult your attorney when making business decisions.

Application Components: Program Design

The Program Design section is where you will describe all components of the proposed program, the service delivery method, established best practices, and your experience implementing this program.