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Neighborhood Walks Program

The Neighborhood Walks Program is an initiative led by the Office of Neighborhood Coordination (ONC) aimed at increasing walkability in neighborhoods citywide.

PLEASE NOTE: Neighborhood Walks are not scheduled during the months of June, July and August. 

Individuals, neighborhood associations, and other community groups have the ability to request a certain type of Neighborhood Walk, such as a neighborhood safety walk, an environmental assessment walk, a neighborhood association recruitment walk, or a neighborhood cleanup walk. These Neighborhood Walks are modeled on Jane’s Walk©, a nationwide initiative designed to actively encourage walkability in neighborhoods and provide an opportunity for participants to share neighborhood stories, discover unseen aspects of neighborhoods and use walking as a way to connect with neighbors. 

The ONC partners with the Planning Department, other City Departments, Jane’s Walk©, and ABQ Walks, to help coordinate these Neighborhood Walks. If you are interested in requesting the City’s assistance in coordinating a Neighborhood Walk, please complete the information below:

Applicant Information
What type of walk are you interested in having?  
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Would you like a City Department representative at your Neighborhood Walk?

City Departments You Can Request Representation Please note that requested staff may not be available based on their schedules.