Professional/Technical Contract Interest Form

Thank you for showing interest in teaching or facilitating a program at one or more Community Centers!

We are interested in offering competitive rates to contract instructors who can provide art, fitness, and other programming for the public at Community Centers.

If you are interested in contracting with the City to teach or facilitate a program at one or more Community Centers, please fill out this form. Once the request form is submitted, it will be reviewed by staff.  If there is a need for this program/activity, a staff member will reach out with the next steps for creating a contract.

Individuals seeking a contract to provide Community Center programming may be required to submit a background check, insurance certificates, and/or a business license.  Learn more about contracting with Family and Community Services.

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Who Would this Program/Activity be Directed Toward?  
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I understand that this is an interest form and I will be contacted by community center staff regarding this request.