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Vendor Handbook: Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about the Vendor Handbook.

Questions & Answers

Frequently asked questions about the Vendor Handbook.

May an offeror see copies of offers prior to award?

If so, where?

A vendor may not review Request for Bid responses prior to the bid close. These documents become public record after the bid close, and may be inspected in the City’s e-procurement system following said closing.

Requests for Proposal responses are not made public until a recommendation of award has been made by the ad hoc evaluation committee and approved by the Mayor or designated representative.

What are the most frequently considered factors involved in determining a responsive offer and a responsible offeror?

A "responsive offer" means an offer to furnish goods, services or construction in conformity with standards, specifications, terms, conditions, and all other requirements established in a competitive solicitation.

A "responsible offeror" is an offeror who has the financial resources, personnel, facilities, integrity, and overall capability to complete a particular City of Albuquerque contract successfully.

What preferences may be available to vendors in a competitive solicitation?

A 5% Small Business Preference, a 5% Local Business Preference, a 5% State Resident Business Preference, a 5% Pay Equity Preference, a 5% State Resident Veteran Business Preference, a 5% State Resident Contactor or State Resident Veteran Preference may be available for City procurements. The total percentage of all preferences awarded shall not exceed ten percent (10%). No preferences shall be applied if federal funds are used.

Who manages surplus property?

Surplus property is managed by the Public Surplus Administrator, Fleet Division/General Services Department, which is responsible for the disposal of surplus property in accordance with the Public Purchases Ordinance.

To whom are questions about surplus property referred?

Questions regarding this category are best directed to the Public Surplus Administrator, Fleet Division/General Services Department, City of Albuquerque 505-857-8673.

How can I get my product approved?

There is no pre-qualification of products conducted by the City of Albuquerque. Product selection is conducted by each End User Department based on its own analysis and need, following an authorized procurement methodology.

May I submit an offer if I don't handle the brand listed in the procurement document?

Yes, if the solicitation specified "a brand name or equal", you may offer an alternative or "equal" brand. "Or equal" products will be evaluated after offers are received, based on literature or samples submitted and any required testing for the product. Failure to submit responsive literature and/or samples may be cause for rejection of your offer.