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Huning Highland - East Downtown (EDO) Planning

The Huning Highland – EDO Plan initially was developed by a consultant team led by Moule & Polyzoides, Inc. The City Council carried out an extensive review and adoption process in early 2005 which involved many meetings with neighborhood representatives, property owners, and public hearings. The Council was assisted by the firm of Ferrell Madden Associates.

This work resulted in the adoptions of:

  • An Urban Conservation Overlay Zone (UCOZ),
  • A Regulatory Plan including design standards, and
  • A Community Revitalization Zone (CRZ)

In addition, there is a proposed set of new development regulations, based on the Downtown 2010 Sector Development Plan for the area roughly west of Broadway, south of Central, east of the railroad tracks, and north of Lead Avenue. The legislation, through which these new regulations would be adopted, Bill No. R-04-158, died upon expiration according to Council rules. However, this legislation might be re-introduced in the future.

As elsewhere noted within the Council’s website, the official adopted land use regulations are available from the Planning Department.

Urban Conservation Overlay Zone (UCOZ) - Bill F/S R-04-146

This bill amended R-132-1980, which originally designated the Huning Highland Historic Overlay Zone, primarily by establishing a set of design guidelines through the approval of a Regulatory Plan. Read the full text of F/S R-04-146 , (Enactment No. R-2005-32).

The design regulations are defined in the Regulatory Plan for the Huning Highlands East Downtown Urban Conservation Overlay Zone, also known as F/S R-04-146 Attachment B. These regulations generally affect the height and massing of buildings, their placement on parcels, parking, landscaping, and architectural standards. Read the full text of the Regulatory Plan.

Community Revitalization Zone (CRZ) - Bill F/S R-04-155

Establishing a Community Revitalization Zone. This bill addresses permissive and conditional land uses allowed (including limitations on package liquor sales). The Council approved several provisions intended to protect the Huning Highland neighborhood including Neighborhood Permit Parking and Traffic Mitigation. Also included are guidance for establishing a Business Improvement District and Tax Increment Financing (TIF) District and setting Affordable Housing goals. Read the full text of F/S R-04-155 (Enactment No. R-2005-33)

Huning Highland Railroad Area Regulations

C/S R-04-158 was introduced to create the Huning Highland Railroad Plan. However, this legislation died upon expiration according to Council rules (failing adoption one year after introduction). Some version of this legislation might be re-introduced in the future.

The development and building approval process and design regulation of the Huning Highland Railroad Plan are more specifically defined in the C/S R-04-158 attachment HH Railroad Plan. As noted above, this plan has not been adopted yet.

Clarification of Boundaries – Bill No. R-05-383

Bill No. F/S R-04-146 (Enactment No. R-2005-32) and Bill No. F/S R-04-155 (Enactment No. R-2005-33) were found to contain discrepancies between the maps of the UCOZ and the CRZ Zone boundaries and the text within the bills describing these areas. Bill No. R-05-383, with an attached map of the CRZ boundary, was adopted by the City Council on November 21, 2005.