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City Councilor Dan Lewis Calls on Governor to Rescind Her Suspension of Right to Defend: “Governor just made Albuquerque more dangerous.”

Statement from Councilor Lewis.
September 08, 2023

City Councilor Dan Lewis on Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham’s suspension of Constitutional rights for all New Mexicans to carry firearms for self-defense:

“I am calling on Governor Lujan Grisham to rescind her overreach of governmental powers that suspended the rights of law-abiding citizens. The Supreme Court has declared that citizens have a constitutional right to carry firearms. The Governor does not get to override neither the U.S. Constitution, New Mexico State law, nor the Supreme Court.

The Governor has failed to end catch and release and made New Mexico a magnet for crime and drugs. Now she’s going after law-abiding citizens who have gone under extensive background checks and training to be licensed to carry a concealed firearm. This overreach of power makes our City and State more dangerous.

If the governor does not rescind this order, I’m calling on law enforcement to follow the constitution and not unconstitutional edicts from a wannabe dictator. Law enforcement officers took an oath to defend the constitution.

The Governor can start by treating criminals like criminals, investing in law-enforcement, and ending the revolving door at our jails. Shecannot protect law abiding citizens by disarming them.”

PDF version of statement.