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Digital Media Public Art Projects

Digital media art projects funded by the Albuquerque Public Art Program.

The Art in Municipal Places Ordinance was established in 1978 and created the purpose of the Public Art Program and the Arts Board, as well as the funding mechanism for the acquisition of public artworks.

In October 2022, Albuquerque City Council unanimously approved an ordinance change from 1% to 1.5% for art and updated the definition of public art to include temporary and digital media art. With the ordinance change, the Albuquerque Public Art Program is able to fund Temporary and Digital Media Public Art Projects.

In September 2023, the Albuquerque Public Art Collection premiered the first site-specific digital media video art series. Dennis Summers' video art installations Aether Net, Diffuse Nebula, and Countdown are reminiscent of the earliest forms of video art from the 1960's and 1970's that was all about artists co-opting television equipment and other electronic media techniques into the artist studio as a new medium.

Digital media and video art that is commissioned by the Albuquerque Public Art Program will be site-specific installations meaning that people can enjoy them on the screens for which they were commissioned. The videos will not be shared on the web or other streaming media.


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