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Public Art Videos

Watch videos created for and about Albuquerque's Public Art collection and projects.


Link to our Youtube channel and our Vimeo channel to access all of our public art-related videos!


  • Numbe WhagehPueblo Perspectives in Public Art. Listen to Nora Naranjo Morse talk about her work Numbe Whageh  located at the Albuquerque Museum of Art and History.
  • Martineztown: Before there was the Big I, there was Martineztown, a nexus of travel in the southwest.
  • Gordon Church-A life in Art: Recently rediscovered interview with Gordon Church, October 2004.
  • Memorial Mania: An Interview with Erika Doss, a video about memorials in public art.
  • Furrow: Los Duranes is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Albuquerque dating back to the mid-1750's. Furrow by Albuquerque artist John Davis is the latest piece to be commissioned by the Public Art Urban Enhancement program.
  • Cesar Chavez Tribute: A video about artist Paula Castillo and the making of the Cesar Chavez monument.
  • Sky Portal: The Sculpture by Randy Walker, Listen to Randy talk about the making of Sky Portal at the Balloon Museum.
  • Flight Path: A video about the making of Flyway, Albuquerque's newest land art piece by artist Bob Wilson.
  • In-Sight: Vanishing Species, Vanishing Art, follow artist Niya Lee's In-Sight installation Vanishing Species, Vanishing Art.
  • Miguel Gandert in Martineztown, a video interviewing photographer Miguel Gandert about his work documenting the residents of Albuquerque.
  • All Over the Map: Three amazing poems about public art by Hakim Bellamy.
  • Take Another Look: Big Ideas. Join host Tony Dellaflora and his guests Sherri Brueggeman, Public Art Program Manager and Arts Board Member Bill Sabatini, AIA as they discuss Big Ideas for Albuquerque.
  • Take Another Look: All Over the Map. Come to the Albuquerque Museum to view the works from the City and County Public Art Collection in the show All Over the Map.
  • Take Another Look: Wall to Wall. Join host Tony Dellaflora, his guest muralist Joe Stephenson and Michael Gibson as they discuss the history of murals in Albuquerque.
  • Take Another Look: Orphan Signs. Join host Tony Dellaflora and his guests Ellen Babcock and Sherri Brueggemann as they discuss the Orphan Signs along Central Avenue.
  • On the Map: Unfolding Albuquerque Art + Design. An expansive collaboration celebrating the history and present of Albuquerque.
  • Quantum Bridge: The making of a mural at Warehouse 508.
  • Take Another Look Studio Show about the 35th Anniversary of Public Art in Albuquerque.
  • Public Art Urban Enhancement Birthday Bash: A video about the 35th and 30th Anniversaries of these two important City of Albuquerque Programs.
  • Feat of Clay: A video about artist Cassandra Reid and the making of mosaic artworks in Albuquerque.
  • Marking Time:  The Center of the City Project, a video about Public Art celebrating New Mexico Centennial Statehood.
  •  Stop on the Rio Grande: A video about artist John Davis and the making of an artwork in Downtown Albuquerque.
  • Albuquerque Public Art at Fire Stations: Check out the Public Art video series Take Another Look. Host Tony Dellaflora talks to Project Manager Matt Carter about two new public art project that will be located at Fire Station 2 and 7.
  • Rain to River: Check out the Public Art video series Take Another Look. Host Tony Dellaflora talks with Project Coordinator Nan Masland about the Hahn Arroyo public art project.
  • Bear Canyon Pedestrian Bridge: Check out the Public Art video series Take Another Look. Host Tony Dellaflora talks to Project Manager Dan Fuller and DMD Project Manager Juan Carlos Samual about the new public art and pedestrian bridge going over I-25.
  • Insight: Temporary Public Art. Check out the Public Art video series Take Another Look. Host Tony Dellaflora talks to Outreach Coordinator Becky Holtzman and Artist Niya Lee about Insight: Temporary Public Art project.
  • Take Another Look: Public Art Survey Host Tony Dellaflora talks with Public Art Program Manager, Sherri Brueggemann.
  • Strategic Planning and Public Survey: A video about the strategic planning process.
  • Cultural Planning in Albuquerque: A video about a cultural planning initiative happening in Albuquerque.