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Production Policies

A. Resource Allocation

Scheduling of production personnel and equipment shall be governed by priorities set forth in paragraph III. B. above and discretion of GOV Management. Given limited staff and technical resources available, GOV cannot operate like a commercial station news department. It shall be the responsibility of Management to schedule GOV staff and resources as required by GOV's internal operating procedures.

B. Scope of Work

  1. GOV shall not compete with the private sector.
  2. Audio and Video production by GOV staff shall be available primarily to City/County government departments/divisions. If sponsored by a City or County department, agencies and activities associated with local government may request the use of GOV staff and resources.

C. Fees

GOV may charge for work supplied to such departments and, at their request, to outside communication companies, production companies, or television stations for utilization of facilities, equipment and staff.

D. Subcontract Services

Requested work beyond priorities and/or resources available at GOV may be subcontracted through Media Resources at cost of subcontracted services plus an expense surcharge of 10%.

E. Responsibility for Content

Responsibility for the content of any programming produced by GOV for any Government department or division lies solely with the initiating department or division. Department and Division directors shall be required to approve, in writing, programs and production requests relating to their departments and divisions. GOV shall have the right to edit copy without changing content if such copy does not meet professional journalistic and broadcast standards. Copy editing shall be performed in a consultative/collaborative spirit with the client.

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