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One Albuquerque Media Podcasts

Welcome to the One Albuquerque Media Podcast Page – your go-to destination for engaging conversations that bridge the gap between your city government and you. Here, we bring the heartbeat of your community directly to your ears, fostering a stronger connection between citizens and their city. Listen anytime, anywhere – whether you're commuting, exercising, or relaxing at home, we're just a click away. Can't wait to tune in? Find our podcast on your favorite platforms, including [Spotify, Apple, Amazon and Google]. Subscribe, download, and listen at your convenience. At One Albuquerque Media, we're committed to making your city government more accessible, transparent, and connected. The One Albuquerque Media Podcast is just one of the many ways we're bringing City Hall to you. Tune in, stay engaged, and be a part of the dialogue that shapes the future of our great city.

Most Recent Podcasts

Take Another Look: “Behind the Scenes - New Glass Art at the IDL” is a conversation between Albuquerque artist Reyes Padilla and CABQ Public Art Planner Robyne Robinson, about the exciting glass art project in the International District. 
Tune in to learn more about the creation of glass mosaic and glass panel installations at Albuquerque's International District Library (IDL) that is currently in the works. Reyes, Robyne, and Joni discuss the Public Art Process; how the project at the IDL got started; and partnering with international, world-renowned glass fabrication studio Franz Mayer of Munich. Reyes also shares more about his artistic process, how he is engaging with the community to inform his design for the IDL, and the experience traveling to Germany to work with Mayer of Munich.

Shana Baker, Co-Founder, Albuquerque Involved
Shana Baker asks the important questions. Like, “why not?!” With a legal background, extensive knowledge of political and nonprofit sectors, Shana puts her skills to work every day making a direct impact on our city. Her belief that we can use both our love of ABQ and our connections to move the work forward is… contagious… and she loves that. And, her incredible efforts behind the scenes may, in fact, have already supported YOU. Join us to understand more about why Shana works to break down barriers in order for others to find a way to serve their community.

Celebrate the city we love, and the people and places that make it so special. Hear personal stories, connect with community leaders, and explore topics on local business, art, family and culture. One ABQ & You – because the promise of ABQ includes “You.”

Victoria Van Dame. Mover, shaker, creative force, and self-proclaimed “Mayor of Downtown” joins the conversation as we revel in the renaissance of one of our city’s most happening neighborhoods.

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