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About One Albuquerque Media

Information and history

One Albuquerque Media is the local government access cable television channel in Albuquerque and Bernalillo County, New Mexico. The FCC has defined government access channels as "intended for use by local governmental bodies for informing the public about what is happening in government."

One Albuquerque Media Beginnings

Originally called City Cable and GOV TV 16 the station began transmitting on channel 30 of Jones Intercable Inc., with a staff of two in 1981. GOV expanded programming to include coverage of Bernalillo County government meetings and events in 1984. The GOV facilities underwent extensive remodeling in 1985 when government offices moved in to the new Government Center building. 1992 saw an elaborate re-engineering and rewiring of the facility greatly boosting the production capacity of the channel. In 1995, the channel acquired a two camera mobile production van.

Current Operations

The channel is currently operated by the City of Albuquerque Media Division of the Department of Arts & Culture and is funded primarily through the City's general fund. Additional funds and personnel are provided by Bernalillo County Government.

One Albuquerque Media is cablecast on Comcast channel 16 in Albuquerque and a few adjoining communities carrying the Albuquerque Comcast lineup.


One Albuquerque Media reaches a wide audience via the Internet. We offer live webcasting and pre-recorded streaming video of numerous local government meetings and locally produced content on our One Albuquerque Media homepage as well as YouTube and other social media platforms. Live streams and video-on-demand service are also available on the OTT platforms Apple TV, Roku, and Amazon Fire. 

One Albuquerque Media Mission

The primary mission of One Albuquerque Media is to provide access to your local government including public meetings of the Albuquerque City Council and the Bernalillo County Commission to news and information from the Mayor's administration and City Departments.