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Goals and Priorities

A. Goals

The goals of GOV are:

  1. To increase public awareness and understanding of the structure, functions, services, resources, and activities of local government and of public issues,
  2. To foster communication between the governments and citizens and enhance opportunity for communication between citizens and government,
  3. To stimulate citizen participation in the decision-making process of government,
  4. To enhance the quality of life in Albuquerque and Bernalillo County through programming that contributes to making the Albuquerque area a better place to live,
  5. To insure that GOV programing meets a journalistic mode of unbiased non-partisanship.
  6. To require GOV programming and operations meet ethical, professional and broadcast quality technical, production and artistic standards.

B. Priorities

In providing each day the maximum practicable number of hours of on-air programming of value and interest to the public, the following priorities for use of personnel and equipment resources of GOV are established:

  1. Live and delayed coverage of local Government public meetings,
  2. Government sponsored programs and activities that affect the public.
  3. Informational programming on local government activities.
  4. Acquired programming consonant with the mission statement and goals of GOV.

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