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Hoffman Enterprises, Inc. Dba Kinney Brick Company

Hoffman Enterprises, Inc. Dba Kinney Brick Company requests a modification to their air quality permit Application #0747-M2

The applicant is requesting a modification to Permit #0747-M1-RV1 to include:

  • The construction of one kiln, this kiln had been permitted previously but had not been constructed. It will now be located in a different location at the facility.
  • Haul roads, conveyors, and material handling are also being proposed as additional sources of PM at the facility.
  • Updated emissions for all units are provided with this application to accurately capture total emissions from units at the facility.
  • The preexisting combustion sources include two (2) natural gas-fired kilns rated at 9 MMBtu/hr and one (1) natural gas-fired kiln rated at 34 MMBtu/hr as well as four (4) brick dryers rated at 2 MMBtu/hr and one (1) brick dryer rated at 3 MMBtu/hr. Under ATC#747-M1-RV1 these are incorrectly represented therefore with these updates to the facility there will be two (2) 9.84 MMBtu/hr kilns, one (1) 25.6 MMBtu/hr kiln, and two (2) 4.66 MMBtu/hr brick dryers.
  • Hauling is to be included for raw material delivery and product shipping from the facility as well as brick painting operations.
  • The preexisting material handling units 1 through 5 will be modified to match current throughputs and operating hours proposed by the Company.
  • The Company currently has one (1) 4.66 MMBtu/hr dryer in operation that uses a horizontal stack located at ground level, in order to comply with the National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) and the New Mexico Ambient Air Quality Standards (NMAAQS) for criteria pollutants this unit will have a 15 foot vertical stack constructed as well as a blower added to increase dispersion of pollutants from exhaust.
  • The Company will also build a fenceline in accordance with the current property


Important Dates:

Comment Period Start Date:  March 22, 2023

Comment End Date: April 21, 2023

Decision Due Date: June 18, 2023


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