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Open Space Visitor Center: Past Gallery Shows

Information about past gallery shows at the Open Space Visitor Center.

January 2015

"The Book of Crane"

Local artists create a series of fantastic imagery and poetry inspired by our most elegant seasonal visitor.

April 2015

"Three Sisters Exhibit"

Everything you ever wanted to know about the historical, nutritional, and cultural value of corn, beans, and squash.

July 2015


Thirteen local artists express their unique relationship to our riverside woodlands.

October 2015


Six local artists honor water in the desert through creations in fiber, clay, paint, and more.

January 2014

"Trees, Rocks and Dirt"

  • Volcano Vista HS
  • Eldorado HS
  • West Mesa HS

High School Art Students respond to the value of Open Space within their city. A variety of media and interpretations that express the dialog these students have with Open Space properties such as the Petroglyph Monument, West Mesa, Bosque and, Foothills.

March 2014


Local Recycle, Upcycle Artists

A show of found objects reinvented into art. This collection renders the disposable into dynamic new form. Also on display, Lost and Found in Open Space, a collection of artifacts discovered in Open Space sites.

May - June 2014

"Land Arts of the American West: Rio Grande Watershed"

International Land Art Projects

A traveling exhibit of works from Land Arts partners: Australian National University Field Studies Program, Mira Costa College Land Arts Program, and Local UNM Land Arts practitioners. This exhibit will include a gallery show and field component focusing on the Rio Grande watershed. This exhibit will accumulate new works at the OSVC then travel to another location along the Rio Grande river, where it will accumulate more artwork.

July - August 2014

"Pieces Of The Whole: A Mosaic Show"

Local Mosaic Artists

A mosaic tends to be a collection of tiles or glass pieces of various size and color organized creatively. These artists, inspired by Aldo Leopold's "Land Ethic" will exhibit work that seeks to "enlarge the boundaries of the community to include soils, waters, plants, and animals, or collectively: the land." There will be a demonstration component to this art show.

September - October 2014

"Enchanted Lands: Celebrating NM Public Lands"

Local Plein Air Artists

Plein Air artists will paint Municipal, County, State and Federal public lands. The goal, besides exploring the beauty of New Mexico landscapes, is to increase awareness of the wealth of public land found in NM. This show will coincide with National Public Lands Day. This show is a fundraiser for the Open Space Alliance and Plein Air Painters of New Mexico (PAPNM).

November - December 2014


By the Luna Project

The sky reflected in a river's ripples, one's face in an angled window or the mirror of a pond: reflection is a conversation between world and image. Which is real? We call upon inner reflection, the interplay of self and soul, as we celebrate the world that reflects us.

The Luna Project, a collective of fifteen women artists, invites you to join them in reflection.

January - February 2013

"Trees, Rocks and Dirt"

Volcano Vista HS

High School Art Students respond to the value of Open Space within their city. A variety of media and interpretations are expected to express the dialog these students have with Open Space properties such as the Petroglyph Monument, views of the West Mesa , the Bosque and Foothills.

April - May 2013

"Revived: Local Recycle, Upcycle Artists

A show of local found and reinvented objects of art. Also on display, Lost and Found in Open Space, a series of artifacts discovered in Open Space sites. This show will coincide with our annual Recycled Art Fair.

June 2013

"This Time. This Place."

Local Photographers and Open Space Enthusiasts

An exhibit by local photographers who have captured moments of tension and balance in our natural environment. Their images evoke rather then explain the essence of Open Space lands.

July - August 2013


Local Artists

A handful of local artists will interpret and explore the concept "Alluvial." This will be a multi-media art show. Subject matter will include, yet is not limited to: adjective, noun + undeveloped land + natural resources + non-representational + ecology + matter + abstraction + color + pattern +habitat + water + time + words + gravity.

September - October 2013

"Colloquial Goods"

Traditional New Mexican Arts

Wood sculpture, tin punch arts, pottery are all a means of taking the resources that are provided by the New Mexico landscape and carving, piercing or shaping them into something that communicates beauty, pride and skill. Or, more simply put, these are "colloquial goods."

November - December 2013

"Connected Webs"

Las Aranas Spinners and Weavers Guild

Weavings that exhibit the connections existing between technique, plant, animal, people and place. These weavers have draw from the lands of the Southwest for their hand dyed colors, hand spun threads and their woven patterns.

January 2012

"Trees, Rocks and Dirt"

Volcano Vista HS, La Cueva HS

March 2012

"A Good Place To Stumble Upon"

Open Space in collaboration with Poet/Co-organizer Gina Marselle will request submissions of Haiku Poems that embody The City of Albuquerque's Open Spaces. Accepted Poems will be placed on display at the Open Space Visitor Center for the months of March and April and will be published in our annual Haiku Zine project.

May 2012

"New Deal - NM Statehood Centennial Event"

Historical Society of NM

The New Deal was a series of economic programs implemented in the US between 1933 and 1936 by FDR as a response to the Great Depression. NM benefited from these programs in many ways, including the commission of many mural paintings, weavings and public work projects. This show is a collection of photographic documents of the artistic fruits of The New Deal. Open Space will host these photographs in commemoration of New Mexico's 100 years of State hood.

July 2012

"Begin Again - A Group Show"

The Luna Project

There was a fire at the Open Space Visitor Center the summer of 2010. The Luna Project intends to use the charcoal and various results from that fire to express the regenerative properties that often occur after a destructive force, such as fire, influences the land. This show will include a gallery show and a collaborative site work.

September 2012

"A View With Room & Little Gems"

Open Space Landscapes

Plein Air and Studio Painters

November 2012

"Enchanted Fiber"

NM Art Quilters

Images that demonstrate the ability of today's fiber artists to express themselves through the medium of needle and thread, with special emphasis on the geography and culture of the mountain west.

May 2011

"Urge to Wander"

Kirk Gittings. Photographs of New Mexico

"I have always found the greatest sense of presence in abandoned and unpopulated places. This feeling of 'presence' comes upon me even in places that have no obvious evidence of past or current occupation. It is a great irony to me that places which feel so desperately lonely are also where I feel the most alive."

July 2011

"Signs Of The Past"

The New Mexico Silk Painters' Guild

An exhibition that explores the recent and distant past of the Rio Grande Valley and what it means to be its current users, observers and caretakers.

September 2011

"A View With Room. Invited Artists in the Gallery, and "Little Gems," Small Paintings by area artists

November 2011

"Birds of New Mexico"

Paul Rodenhauser

Meticulously painted imagery of birds that use the Middle Rio Grande as a migratory flyway, Paul Rodenhauser believes his art works to "serve as a stimulus for discussion that can lead to leaning not only about the variety and characteristics of mammal, bird, reptile and insect species but also about the delicate balance between their health and the health of their habitats over which humans have ultimate control- and responsibility."

January 2010

"Placitas: A Place for Horses"

David Cramer

A wild horse photographer and a wildlife biologist with a specialty in equine behavior will educate attendees on the lives and behaviors of the wild horses living in and around the Placitas Open Space.

March 2010

"Open Space Antiques - Open Space Staff and Volunteers"

Over the years the Open Space Division has accumulated unique relics from the past as we clean, investigate and enjoy the land we help to maintain. We think of these relics as "Open Space Antiques." This is a chance for us to share our findings.

"Katy Cannon - MFA Thesis Show"

Sculptures which consider the way a human being sees and emotionally responds to nature and offers an aesthetic manifestation of the experience.

May 2010

"Pollination - New Mexico Wax"

This diverse group of artists will demonstrate a variety pigmenting, mark making, and textures that can be derived from the ancient art of Encaustics.

July 2010

"Convergence 2010, The Bauhaus Tradition"

Rebecca Mezoff, James Koehler, Cornelia Theimer Gardella

"The aim (of Bauhaus) was to produce work that unified intellectual, practical and aesthetic concerns through artistic endeavor and the exploitation of new technologies." by Klaus Labuttis. The tradition continues in tapestry.

November 2010

"Opening our Eyes -- to wildlife in Open Spaces"

Pat Malcolm

The exhibit will feature works about the plants and animals of New Mexico, in three different media: oil paintings, egg tempera and drawings.