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Open Space Visitor Center Gallery

Open Space Gallery inspires an exchange of ideas, solutions and interpretations.


Visitor Center Gallery photo

Gallery Exhibits - June 2nd –December 31st  2017 


Trees /Birds of a Feather                   Scribes 8/Las Aranas    June 2, 2017     

It’s a natural combination – one artist collective focused on Trees and another on the birds that flit and flutter around them.  Members of the Scribes 8 collective express themselves in a wide array of techniques and media.  When they met last, the Scribes 8 dabbled in encaustic and trees.  They meet again this month to polish their pieces.

Las Aranas artists weave tapestries using wools, silks, cottons, linen and synthetic fibers dyed with both commercial and local plant dyes.  They chose a bird theme for this exhibition because many of the artists find inspiration from the amazing creatures they see around the Open Space Visitor Center

art exhibit Scribes Las Aranas art exhibit

­Textile Journeys   / Textures of Earth Memory   August 19, 2017

Theimer Gardella, Rygfelt Wilander/ Elizabeth J Buckley

In their textile and photographic works, international artists Cornelia Gardella and Emelie Wilander, share their reflections on the life and traditions of people living in the Southwestern desert.

Elizabeth Buckley, in contrast, uses drawings and hand-woven French tapestries to share her insights into the ecosystems found in the high desert and along the Rio Grande River. Her works take the viewer back in time to

European history and art, to the petroglyphs along the escarpment of Albuquerque, and then to her present-day interpretations

Textile Journeys art exhibit.Textures of Earth Memory art exhibit

A Celebration of Cranes                                Caryl McHarney     October 28, 2017 

Caryl  McHarnery  creates watercolors, etchings, and serigraphs of cranes to share her observations and interpretations of this majestic creature. The exhibit celebrates cranes and increases awareness of their presence in the Rio Grande Valley.  Caryl has shown her work at the Bosque del Apache Festival of Cranes, Wings Over Willcox (AZ), and the Rowe Audubon Sanctuary (NB).

Call for Submissions

The purpose of the Open Space Division is to acquire, protect, maintain, and manage significant natural landscapes and cultural resources for present and future generations.

WHO:  Visual artists

WHAT: Call for Gallery Exhibit Proposals for 2018

WHERE: Open Space Visitor Center | 6500 Coors Blvd NW

at the end of Bosque Meadows Rd.between Montaño and Paseo del Norte.

Download a PDF version of the Call for Submissions here.

DEADLINE: Postmarked or delivered before July 26th, 2017


The purpose of the Open Space Division is to acquire, protect, maintain, and manage significant natural landscapes and cultural resources for present and future generations.  Major Public Open Space enhances the urban environment and provides wildlife habitat while offering opportunities for public enjoyment through outdoor education and low-impact recreation. The Visitor Center and Gallery act as a hub for the City’s many beautiful Open Space properties.


"The mission of the Open Space Visitor Center Gallery is to inspire an exchange of ideas, solutions and interpretations as they relate to Open Space lands so as to deepen and enhance visitor understanding, appreciation and stewardship for Albuquerque’s unique natural and human community."

NOTE: Selected exhibits will be displayed for three months.  The Open Space Visitor Center is NOT a commercial gallery.  None of the staff benefit financially from art sales.  Thirty percent of sales are donated to the Open Space Alliance non-profit organization.  Seventy percent of sales go to the artists.  Artists are responsible for promoting their exhibits.  The Visitor Center issues press releases and house-made posters.  It is the responsibility of the artists to print postcards and contact collectors if they so desire.


Artists are encouraged to visit the gallery and greater facility prior to submitting their proposals.

The Open Space Visitor Center is open Tuesday through Sunday from 9 am to 5 pm.

All applicants must provide:

  1. A Word document with the following information:

Name of applicant/s                                                   Contact Person

Address and Phone                                                    Artist/s Biography (1 paragraph)

Proposal description (2-4 paragraphs)

The brief proposal description must outline the perspective artwork and its use of the space. Outdoor Land Art will be considered. Group proposals are also welcome. In the description, take care to embody aspects of the above mission statements. Artists who wish to complement their exhibits with educational components, such as demonstrations or workshops, are encouraged to include that in their proposal descriptions.

  1. At least six professional-quality images, in jpeg format, of works that best represent your proposal. Artist collectives must provide between 1-4 images per person. Please do not embed the jpegs in a Word or other document; submit them as separate files.

All applicants must submit their proposals in one of the following ways: on a mailed or hand-delivered CD/ thumb drive.

CDs and thumb drives can be mailed to:                             Or hand-delivered to:

Open Space Visitor Center                                                     Open Space Visitor Center

P.O. Box 1293                                                                                 6500 Coors Blvd NW

Albuquerque, NM 87103                                                          Albuquerque, NM 87120

Attn. Gallery                                                                                   Please see hours above

Emails can be sent to:

Noel Chilton at [email protected] with Attn. Gallery in the subject line.  NOTE: Emailed submissions have proven problematic in the past and are thus discouraged. If you submit via email, please ensure that your files do not exceed 10 MG, and follow up if you have not received an acknowledgement of receipt within 5 business days.


-Embody the missions of the Open Space Division and of the Visitor Center Gallery

-Be cohesive and consistent in technical mastery (especially applicable of collectives)

-Envision the full use of the space, measuring 26 x 26 feet

Ideas for connecting the exhibit to potential programming (workshops, presentations, screenings, etc.) would be an additional plus.

For inquiries regarding the gallery or the application process, please call the Visitor Center at

(505) 897-8831 or write Noel Chilton at [email protected]

Thank you for considering the Open Space Visitor Center Gallery.  We look forward to receiving your submission.