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Open Space Alliance

The Open Space Alliance is a nonprofit group of volunteers working with the City of Albuquerque Open Space Division to enhance our quality of life through:

  • Increasing awareness of Open Space lands
  • Building and strengthening partnerships with groups who share Open Space values
  • Promoting conservation, acquisition and stewardship of Open Space lands
  • Strengthening volunteerism and community outreach programs
  • Providing financial support

Member support, memorial and other donations, and fund raising activities help support special programs and events aimed at preserving and promoting Open Space lands.

Projects supported by the Open Space Alliance include:

  • Get into Open Space, a program that brings Open Space experiences to local-area school students
  • Dia del Rio, which promotes conservation work in the Rio Grande Bosque
  • National Trails Day and trail care for Albuquerque's many hikers, runners, and bikers
  • The Open Space newsletters feature quarterly calendars of events and updates on Open Space Division activities
  • Other projects aimed at promoting and protecting Albuquerque's Open Space

New Member Renewal Information

Thank you for becoming a member of the Open Space Alliance!

Benefits of Membership
Your membership supports Open Space awareness, conservation and education. In addition your membership includes:

  • private invitation-only events
  • first-hand news about Albuquerque’s Open Space
  • quarterly newsletters
  • all the benefits of supporting Albuquerque’s Open Space areas



Join the Alliance by using the Open Space Alliance online donation form or print out the information below, fill out the form and return the form with your check or money order.

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Membership Level:

Student $15 ___ Friend $50    ____
Senior $15 ___ Neighborhood $100  ____
Individual $20 ___ Sustaining $250  ____
Family $30 ___ Lifetime $1000 ____

Checks payable to:
Open Space Alliance
P.O. Box 91265
Albuquerque, NM 87199

Thank you for becoming a member of the Open Space Alliance!

Your donation supports our goals of protecting Open Space and is renewable annually!

The mission of the Open Space Alliance is to:promote public awareness and conservation of open space areas, and to educate the public about the natural, historic, cultural, educational and recreational aspects of open space.

    For additional information, see the Open Space Alliance website.

    Thank you for supporting Albuquerque Open Space!


    The Open Space Alliance Board


    Sallie McCarthy, OSA President
    Phone: (505) 836-7599
    Email: [email protected]
    Open Space Division
    (505) 452-5200

    Open Space Alliance Annual Meetings

    For more information on the Annual Meeting, or on how to get involved in OSA's activities, please contact Board President Sallie McCarthy at [email protected] or 505-247-2523

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