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Official news from the City of Albuquerque

April-June 2010: Volume 11, Issue 2

In April, the Sandia Foothills Open Space cleanup will kick-off another year of outdoor volunteerism. There is a contagious enthusiasm when you gather early on a Saturday morning with neighbors and fellow trail users to work on projects that will benefit our Major Public Open Space areas.

January - March 2010: Volume 11, Issue 1

Greetings from the Mayor’s Office! It is an honor to serve you as Mayor of the great city of Albuquerque, home to one of the best Open Space systems in the country and endless opportunities for outdoor recreation. Our family is very active in outdoor activities such as hiking and skiing, and we’re so happy that the Open Space Division is here to offer over 29,000 acres of land for our community’s enjoyment.

October - December 2009: Volume 10, Issue 4

A score and five years ago, our city fathers brought forth a new division conceived for everybody and dedicated to the proposition that not all land is created equal. At that time our community was engaged in a great struggle to prevent the loss of its character to the wrecking ball or the bulldozer blade. And while there have been setbacks, the victories were greater and the result has been beyond impressive.

July - September 2009: Volume 10, Issue 3

Summer is in full swing and visitation to Open Space lands is at an all time high. Not only does the warmer weather increase visitation to Open Space properties, it also brings out the spirit of volunteerism in people as well.

April-June 2009: Volume 10, Issue 2

While hiking, mountain biking, or horseback riding on one of the numerous trails of the Sandia Foothills Open Space, it’s easy to forget that this beautiful landscape looked quite different in the early days of the Open Space Division.

January - March 2009: Volume 10, Issue 1

In 1984, a new Division was formed within the City’s Parks and Recreation Department. Known as the Open Space Division, its employees were charged with the responsibility of protecting and managing environmentally and culturally significant lands in and around the City of Albuquerque.

October - December 2008: Volume 9, Issue 4

The Open Space Alliance is proud to be the host for the City of Albuquerque Open Space Visitor Center’s 3rd Annual Open Space: A View with Room. This fantastic art show runs through December 11th. All of the art work in the show depicts the many lands being preserved as part of the City of Albuquerque’s Open Space System. The paintings primarily highlight and bring into focus the variety of spaces that are available in the city of Albuquerque.

July - September 2008: Volume 9, Issue 3

This spring and summer the Open Space Division hosted three highly successful annual volunteer events that helped to preserve our precious natural resources and public lands. The Spring Cleanups in the Sandia Foothills, National River Cleanup, and National Trails Day each received some of the highest volunteer turnouts we’ve seen for these events since their inception.

April - June 2008: Volume 9, Issue 2

I was fortunate enough to get an interview with Bob Burgan on September 13, 2007. Burgan, 89, was the first director of the Parks Department when it was formed in 1954. Our talk took place in his living room as movers packed boxes. The next day he left Albuquerque after living here for 60+ years and moved to Ogden, Utah. – M.S.

January - March 2008: Volume 9, Issue 1

As I look back on 2007, it’s been one fantastic year. The Alliance continues to be a dedicated advocate for Albuquerque open space, and there have been many accomplishments throughout the year. These successes are attributable to the strong support that was achieved from Open Space Alliance (OSA) members, trail watch volunteers, and the Albuquerque Open Space Division

October - December 2007: Volume 8, Issue 4

The hot days of summer are coming to an end. Cottonwood trees will soon turn golden and flutter in gently blowing breezes. Fall means harvesting summer's gift of green chiles and other New Mexican specialty crops grown with acequia waters. The cool morning air also reminds Albuquerque residents that the colorful hot air ballons will soon fill the skies above the Rio Grande Valley and surrounding Mesas.

July - September 2007: Volume 8, Issue 3

I am a paper cup. I was very useful once, but when I was no longer needed, I was discarded. Not put into a bag with other used items I was merely pitched into the Rio Grande River, just north of the Bosque where I began my lonely and rather hazardous journey. Sink or Swim!

April - June 2007: Volume 8, Issue 2

I found myself one day in the Bosque (riverside forest) in the dead of winter. The leafless Cottonwoods appeared restful and barren as they store up the energy to transform themselves in the coming spring,