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Honoring History at Ruth Adams Health & Social Service Center

Re-named center will continue to provide critical resources to the community
May 04, 2024

Yesterday evening, City leaders gathered to officially rename the East Central Health & Social Service Center after late City Councilor Ruth Adams as part of the “Stories of Us” initiative to honor leaders who have made an impact on the Albuquerque community and those who call it home.

A two-term City Councilor and the first woman to represent District 6, Ruth Adams was a strong advocate for bringing resources to the international district. She helped to create the Health & Social Service Center, as well as championing other critical projects including APD’s Southeast Substation and Cesar Chavez Community Center.

“Many people have contributed to making Albuquerque what it is today, and we’re helping share their stories so that generations to come know about the important work they’ve done to make our city a better place,” said Mayor Tim Keller. “Ruth Adams made a lasting impact on our community, and helped shape the way our city takes care of people who need help.”

“Ruth loved people, she cared about people, and we have to remember that life is about community,” said Ruth’s daughter Liz Adams. “We need to stop and think about the people around us and that’s what the staff and organizations do here every day and we’re so proud that our mom’s name is on this building.”

“I stand on the shoulders of past District 6 Councilors like Ruth Adams,” said Councilor Nicole Rogers. “She was a fierce outspoken advocate for our community and hope to be known as a truth teller just like ‘Ruth the Truth, as she was often called. The renaming of the East Central Health and Social Service Center is fitting because Councilor Adams was determined to make the central mission of her tenure to improve the lives of the people who lived in the SE neighborhoods.”

The Ruth Adams Health & Social Service Center provides critical resources to the community through supplemental food boxes, a clothing bank, eviction prevention and utility assistance, and tenants that provide primary care, behavioral health, and public health resources. The Center also works hand in hand with the Marine Corps Reserve to register hundreds of families for Toys for Tots every year.

ABQ Stories of Us, announced at Mayor Keller’s 2023 State of the City Address, is an initiative to highlight visionaries, central figures, and inspirational leaders who have made significant contributions to the cultural, social, and economic fabric of the city. Anyone with suggestions for renaming projects of public spaces is invited to submit their ideas on the Stories of Us website.

Ruth Adams's daughters Mary and Liz with stand with Ruth's friend Barbara in front of Ruth's commemorative plaque in the hallway of the health and social service center.