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City Adopts Updated Food Safety Ordinance

Updated ordinance unifies existing rules, simplifies processes for businesses
May 08, 2024

This week, the Albuquerque City Council voted to adopt the updated Food Safety and Retail Ordinance (FSO). This action repeals the City’s existing food safety ordinances and replaces them with an updated, comprehensive ordinance. The new ordinance is expected to deliver significant benefits to the regulated community and consumers at large.

“This will help further our mission to ensure the highest level of food safety protection to our community,” said Environmental Health Department Deputy Director, Dr. Mark DiMenna. “It will also provide a more consistent and beneficial experience for our regulated facilities.”

Important highlights to the updated FSO include:

  • Adopting the 2022 Food and Drug Administration Food Code which includes updates to charitable donations, general food safety including the requirement to obtain a Food Handlers Card, pet dog allowance, and allergen labeling requirement;
  • Unifies Food Ordinance suite;
  • Update permit and fee structure;
  • Updates to the grading of food establishments; and,
  • Enforcement updates including civil penalties, criminal penalties, and compliance plans.

“We are lucky to have such incredible and unique food in Albuquerque,” said Mayor Tim Keller. “We’re ensuring that our families can focus on enjoying their meals safely and confidently, while making it easier for permit holders to navigate the system.”

"Bringing our food code in line with state, county, and national standards is a significant step forward, ensuring consistency, safety, and quality across the food industry,” said City Councilor Brook Bassan. “It's an important move for protecting public health and ensuring food safety for everyone."

The new ordinance will take effect August 1, 2024 after a series of public meetings with permit holders. Public rulemaking meetings will be scheduled later this summer, for more information: