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28 of 75 guns recovered in April linked to other gun crimes

APD utilizing ballistic technology to aid investigations
May 07, 2024

ALBUQUERQUE – During the month of April, the Albuquerque Police Department recovered 75 firearms and of those, 28 were found to be linked to other gun crimes.

Since March, the department has been taking a comprehensive look at offenders charges with firearm related offenses as well as firearms recovered in the community.

28 of the 75 guns recovered were what the department classifies as NIBIN
(National Integrated Ballistic Information Network) crime guns that were linked to two or more shootings.

The guns entered through NIBIN are compared to other shell casings gathered as evidence from other scenes, a large number of which are collected throughout the city following ShotSpotter activations.

“As we firmly believe in data driven policing, these numbers go to show how our advancements in technology are an invaluable asset to crime fighting,” said Chief Harold Medina. “This data proves we have a high number of repeat offenders in our community committing gun crimes, and we will continue to utilize NIBIN to build strong cases against those individuals.”

In April, officers also charged 57 individuals with firearm offenses, of those, 14 were felons, 4 were out on pretrial release, 4 were on probation or parole and 16 had previously been charged with firearm related offenses.