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Pinning Ceremony Honors AmeriCorps Seniors Volunteers

Foster Grandparents and Senior Companions recognized for years of service
May 10, 2024

Today, the Department of Senior Affairs, along with Chief Administrative Officer Samantha Sengel, recognized members of the AmeriCorps Seniors Foster Grandparent (FGP) and Senior Companion Programs (SCP) during a commemorative pinning ceremony.

The event celebrated the outstanding contributions of volunteers ages 55 and older who help guide students to higher academic achievement as Foster Grandparents, as well as provide care for those who are homebound as Senior Companions. A total of 18 volunteers were honored as part of the ceremony.

“Volunteers like AmeriCorps Seniors leave an impact that will continue to be felt for generations, inspiring countless hearts along the way,” said Chief Administrative Officer Samantha Sengel. “Through their hard work and shared values, they’re not just building connections, they are also forging bonds that help make Albuquerque the best place for families to thrive.”

“As Albuquerque ages along with the rest of the country, there is a tremendous need for folks who are willing to donate their wisdom and expertise to help provide care and compassion for others,” said Anna Sanchez, Director of Senior Affairs. “We are incredibly grateful for our Foster Grandparents and Senior Companions who have answered the call to serve, and we hope to see these programs continue to grow.”

Volunteers play a critical role in achieving the Department of Senior Affairs’ mission of helping the community thrive with care and compassion while embracing aging. Opportunities are available for individuals of all ages or groups interested in giving back. For more information about volunteering with Senior Affairs, please visit or call 505-764-1009.