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APD Announces Expansion of ShotSpotter in Uptown Area

Mayor Keller and Chief Medina announced the expansion of ShotSpotter gunshot detection technology in the Uptown area.
May 08, 2024

ALBUQUERQUE- Mayor Keller and Chief Medina have announced the expansion of ShotSpotter gunshot detection technology in the Uptown area.

Shot Spotter was implemented at the Albuquerque Police Department in 2020 and placed in parts of the city with a high rate of gun shots. The technology has expanded to other areas and has proven to be a powerful tool for the department. Compared to 2023, APD has seen an approximate 26% decrease in shots fired incidents in areas of the city where ShotSpotter is active (5,244 incidents in 2023, 3,865 incidents in 2024 between January 1 and May 2). The decrease in these areas can be attributed to the responsiveness of the officers to ShotSpotter activations along with other technology the department uses such as cameras, license plate readers, and NIBIN technology.

“The strategic placement of Shot Spotter in conjunction with our other technology is key when it comes to the success we are seeing in gun-related crimes,” said Chief Harold Medina. “Having Shot Spotter in the Uptown area will provide officers crucial information pointing to better leads, building stronger cases and ensuring individuals who are committing these types of crimes are being held in jail.”

Although not a frequent occurrence, APD has seen a handful of gun-related incidents in the Uptown area. With the implementation of Shot Spotter, in addition to other existing technology, officers will be able to more effectively respond and investigate incidents or reports of gun shots.

“APD continues to be a leader in technology across the nation, and we will continue to invest in the tools needed to protect our city,” said Mayor Tim Keller. “Our families and community deserve to feel safe when going about their daily lives, from going out to eat, to shopping, going to work or school, or running errands.”