FY 2021 Reports & Memos (Investigation, Reviews, etc.)

Cases closed in FY 2021
OIG Corrective Actions Follow Up Report

In 2020, the Office of Inspector General (OIG) began requesting responses from the City of Albuquerque Departments when findings and recommendations are made in OIG reports. The written responses include the department's planned corrective actions and where appropriate, date for achieving the planned actions. This process was implemented to further strengthen the procedures for resolutions of investigation findings and corrective actions on recommendations made. The purpose of this follow-up is to report on the progress made by departments in addressing the report findings and recommendations.

Final No. 20-0001-I Improper Personnel Action/Abuse of Position

The OIG conducted and completed investigation 19-0002-I “Beehive” which was approved on May 27, 2020. During the course of that investigation several other red flags were found along with similar complaints being brought to our attention. All had a common denominator, the Former Animal Welfare Department Director (AWD), D1. The decision was made to open a separate investigation to look into those issues.

Final No. 20-0005-I- Violation of Personnel Policies

The Office of Inspector General conducted an investigation regarding concerns that a Department of Municipal Development employee had been conducting personal business during work hours, including running a home health care business during work hours.

Final No. 19-0001-R Emprende Latino Review

The Office of Inspector General received a request to conduct a performance review of a contract the Economic Development Department had established with EmprendeLatino, LLC to support entrepreneurs in the Hispanic community. The organization had undergone a significant change in staffing and the requestor wanted to ensure that there were no performance problems as a result.

Final No. 19-0003-C Public Access TV

The Office of the Inspector General was provided with information regarding allegations with City of Albuquerque and possible fraud as it relates to the public access TV contract. The allegations involved the eligibility of the contractor to obtain the initial contract, property obtained and purchased with City funds as well as property being retained by the contractor, and the office/location used by the contractor.

Final No. 20-0009-I Animal Welfare Department Volunteer

A complaint was forwarded to the Office of the Inspector General in reference to a volunteer with the Animal Welfare Department. This volunteer is alleged to have been reported multiple times to the various managers and Directors within the Animal Welfare Department, yet has been able to continue volunteering and negatively representing both the Department and City.

Final No. 20-0003-I - Disputed Contract Pricing

The Office of Inspector General received information that a vendor was overcharging the City based on the price list the complainant had. Aviation employee, AV1 contacted the OIG stating that there was a situation regarding a vendor to which Aviation “piggybacked” off of for services. AV1 stated the State of New Mexico Purchasing Division awarded a Price Agreement off of a Federal, General Services Administration (GSA) schedule.

Final No. 20-0008-I Theft of City Property

The Office of Inspector General conducted an investigation based on information received regarding concerns that a twenty-foot (20') trailer was removed from the BioPark grounds and given to a local subcontractor. It is alleged that the trailer belonged to the City.