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Fire Safety & Injury Prevention

Safety information from the Albuquerque Fire Department.
  • Home Safety

    Information to the keep your family and home safe.

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  • Seasonal Safety

    Information and safety tips for the different seasons in Albuquerque.

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  • Firework Ordinance & Safety

    Fireworks are strictly prohibited in and around the Bosque or Open Space Areas.

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  • Wildfire Safety

    Valuable information to help prevent wildfires around the home and when traveling.

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  • "Look Before You Lock"

    In conjunction with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the Albuquerque Police Department and Albuquerque Fire Department started a public awareness campaign, "Look Before You Lock", that focuses on the dangers of leaving children in cars.

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  • Vehicle Safety

    U.S. fire departments responded to an estimated average of 152,300 automobile fires per year in 2006-2010. These fires caused an average of 209 civilian deaths, 764 civilian injuries, and $536 million in direct property damage.

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