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Risk Management Claims Paid

Information about claims paid by the City of Albuquerque each year.

The summary page lists the total amounts paid out to close claims in the listed years. It also reports the number of claims that were closed in each year.

There is also a graph for each year that illustrates the percentage of the total payout for each of the coverage types that we reported on. The percentages change from year to year because the value of the individual claims settled in the year are variable. For instance in 2011 we closed a Land Use claim for $11 million that amounted to 56% of the total payout. In most years the percentage paid on Land Use claims is zero. We get very few of these claims and only close one occasionally.

Table - Claims paid per year

Close Year Total Paid without Water Utility Authority Total Paid for Water Utility Authority *
Total Paid Total City Operating Budget without Water Utility Authority Percent of Total Closed Claims **
Claim Count without Water Utility Authority
2009 $6 million $2 million $8 million $908 million 0.87% 1,852
2010 $10 million $2 million $12 million $904 million 1.35% 1,687
2011 $20 million $2 million $22 million $892 million 2.49% 1,942
2012 $8 million $1 million $9 million $878 million 1.03% 1,741
2013 $8 million $2 million $10 million $871 million 1.15% 1,744
Total $52 million $9 million $61 million $4.453 billion -- 8,966


* - Total closed claims payments made in calendar 2011 included a payment of $11 million for the Albuquerque Commons.

** - Percentage of total closed claims paid as compared to Total City Operating Budget without WUA

Graphs: Per-Year Percentages

Percentage by coverage of closed claims paid during calendar years without Water Utility Authority.

Closed Claims Paid - 2009

Closed Claims Paid - 2010

Closed Claims Paid - 2011

Closed Claims Paid - 2012

Closed Claims Paid - 2013