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Online Tort Claim Submission Form

File a claim submission with the City of Albuquerque.

Download Paper Claim Form

Claims with the City of Albuquerque can be filed on paper, too.

Paper Claim Forms:

Tort Claims: Questions

Have questions about the claims process? Contact us.

Starting a Claim

The best place to start your claim is with your insurance provider. They have expertise to manage the process and mitigate your damages in a timely manner.

Claims with the City of Albuquerque

To file directly with the City:

Please return paper forms to the Office of the Mayor:

P.O. Box 1293
Albuquerque NM 87103

All notices must have correct information to be investigated in a timely manner.

Claims Deadline: 90 Days

Per N.M. Tort Claims Act, cases must be filed within 90 days of the original incident.

Claims filed after the 90-day deadline are denied.

Online Claim Form

Incident Information
If Property Damage is a Vehicle If the property damaged was a vehicle enter the year, make, and model below.
Did Police Investigate?  

Did the loss involve a City of Albuquerque Vehicle?  

If loss involved a City of Albuquerque vehicle:
Claimant Information
Enter the information for the person making the claim.
Contact Information
If different from claimant represented, insurance company.