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Adult Group Reservation Form
Certain adult educational groups can receive a group discount. Please complete and submit this reservation request to BioPark Admissions for consideration.
Aquarium-Botanic Garden Reserve Form
Zoo Reserve Form
Aquarium and Garden Map
Photography Guidelines
The BioPark welcomes photographers whose work is appropriate to our mission, but requires that guidelines in this document be followed.
Photography Policy and Agreement
Commercial photographers are required to obtain a Photography Permit for photo or video shoots at the BioPark Facilities. Please complete and sumbit this form.
Zoo Map
Aquarium & Garden Map
Sustainable Food Guide NM
Daizy Patch Requirements
The requirements for a special Girl Scout patch about Daizy and Asian elephants.
Bird List for ABQ BioPark Botanic Garden- 2012
Use this checklist to note the birds you have seen at the ABQ BioPark!
Model Release and Authorization
Photo release form for the ABQ BioPark
Amphibian Awareness
Educational Packet
Aquarium School Packet, 2-5
Aquarium activities for grades 2-5.
Aquarium and Botanic Garden School Packet, PreK-1
Aquarium and Botanic Garden activities for grades PreK-1.
Bear Awareness Teacher Packet
Bear education
Wolf Awareness Teacher Packet
Wolf education.
Backyard Holiday Habitats for Wildlife
Decorate a backyard evergreen with treats for birds and other wildlife.
25 Ideas for a Greener Holiday
The BioPark's Green Team shares tips for celebrating with a smaller footprint.
Valentine's Brunch 2013
Boxed Lunch for Students
Download a school lunch menu for students.
Camp BioPark 2013 Planning Matrix
A matrix to help with planning which weeks and which camps you'll come to this year!
School Group Bus Map
Map showing bus routes and parking for school groups.
Model Release for Photo Shoot
ABQ BioPark Photo Shoots
R4Z Course Map 2013
R4Z Course Map 2013
Summer Concerts 2013
List of all Zoo Music and Summer Nights concerts in 2013.
Docent Job Description
Learn about becoming a volunteer teacher at the ABQ BioPark.
Rock the Boat Recipes
Mayor's Advisory Board Agenda for August 6, 2013
BioVan Teacher's Guide K-1
BioVan Teacher's Guide K-1
BioVan Teacher's Guide 2-3
BioVan Teacher's Guide 2-3
BioVan Teacher's Guide 4-5
BioVan Teacher's Guide 4-5
Mayor's Advisory Board Agenda for Oct. 8, 2013
Antler Crown Project
Creative project for teachers. Provided by the BioVan and Rio Rangers.
Catering Menu
Catering menu for the ABQ BioPark
Intention Tree Conservation Art Project
Free Downloadable Teacher Resource for Earth Day (or any other day!)
Master Plan Presentation June 2014
Master Plan Presentation June 2014
A PDF of Frequently Asked Questions about BioPark Beginnings
Standards and Benchmarks
a PDF describing the standards and benchmarks correlations of BioPark Educational Materials for teachers.
Teacher Resource Descriptions
a PDF describing the various Teacher Resource materials.
6-12 Aquarium Resource Guide
A PDF of educational materials from the Aquarium for 6th-12th grades.
Cottonwood Gallery Scavenger Hunt
A PDF of a scavenger hunt exercise for the Botanic Garden's Cottonwood Gallery.
Rio Grande Bosque Word Find, Grades 1-3
A PDF of a word find for students grades 1-3
Rio Grande Bosque Word Find, Grades 4-12
A PDF of a word find for grades 4-12
Desert Life Crossword
A PDF of a crossword puzzle about desert lift.
Desert Plant Picture ID
A PDF for identifying desert plants
Drought Lesson Plan (Grades 3-5)
A PDF of a lesson plan for learning about drought
Elementary Packet
A PDF of material for elementary students
Heritage Farm Resource Guide-lower elementary
A PDF of educational material for the heritage farm for younger elementary students.
Heritage Farm Resource Guide Upper
A PDF of educational resources for the Heritage Farm for upper-elementary and middle school students.
Pollinator Relay Game
A PDF of the Pollinator Relay Game
Pollinator Pursuit Activity
a PDF of a Pollinator Pursuit Activity
Seeds Wordsearch
A PDF of a word search about seeds.
Alphabet Zoo Hunt
A PDF of a Zoo Hunt activity
Asian Animal Scavenger Hunt
A PDF of a scavenger hunt for Asian Animals at the Zoo.
Ethology: Animal Behavior
A PDF of an animal behavior activity.
We're All Animals Activity
A PDF of the We're All Animals activity.
Picture Zoo Bingo
A PDF of a Zoo Bingo activity
Adaptation Bingo
A PDF of the Adaptation Bingo game.
Body Shop Bingo
A PDF of the Body Shop Bingo game.
Secrets of Survival
A PDF of the Secrets of Survival activity.
Want Ads
A PDF of the Want Ads educational activity.
Frog Watch Flyer
A PDF for Frog Watch
Native Amphibians Brochure
A PDF about native amphibians.
Reptile/Amphibian Compare and Contrast
A PDF to compare and contrast reptiles and amphibians
Reptiles and Amphibians Teachers Guide
A PDF Guide for teachers about reptiles and amphibians
Primate Comparisson
A PDF to compare primate species
Primate Observation Sheet
A PDF to make notes for observing primates
Ape Awareness Teachers Guide
A PDF for teachers about Ape Awareness.
Orangutan Background Sheet
A PDF with information about orangutans
Bear Awareness Teachers Resource
A PDF for teachers about bear awareness.
Blubber Glove Activity
A PDF of the blubber glove activity.
Polar Bear Word Search
A PDF Word Search about polar bears
Big Cat Teacher Resource Packet
A PDF of resources for teachers about big cats
Cat Walk Observation Worksheet
A PDF Worksheet to use on the Cat walk.
NM Mountain Lion Activity
A PDF of the activity for New Mexico Mountain Lions
Backyard Bird Habitat Flyer
A PDF Flyer for Backyard bird habitats
Bird Beak Adaptations Exploration
A PDF Guide to explore bird beak adaptations
World of Parrots activity
a PDF of the World of Parrots activity
Elephant Ethogram
A PDF of the Elephant Ethogram activity
Fishes have Funny Names
A PDF for the activity Fishes Have Funny Names.
Shark Teacher Resource Packet
Butterfly Pavilion Picture IDs
Butterfly Word Search
Coral Reef Coloring Page
Dragonfly Food Chain Game
Teachers Coral Workshop
Vermicomposting Flyer
Koala Background Information
A PDF with information about koalas.
Build Your Own Sea Turtle Craft
A PDF with directions for building a sea turtle
Sea Turtle Identification Facts
White Rhinoceros Background
A PDF with information about the white rhino.
Tasmanian Devil Background Information
A PDF with information about the Tasmanian Devil
Big Eyes Activity
Habitat Hunt Activity
Habitat Rummy
A Very Old Picnic Lesson
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