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Construction Projects

Stay updated on closures and progress of improvement projects at the ABQ BioPark.

Click on the artist rendering for a closer look at what to expect at the upcoming Penguin Chill exhibit. 

The ABQ BioPark is creating an enhanced experience for both our residents and human guests. You will notice some construction fences and perhaps small detours around the Zoo. The Zoo remains open and most habitats are available to enjoy.

Penguin Chill Updates: May 2019

We are putting the finishing touches on the habitat and public areas and doing the final testing of the life support systems. Once we've thoroughly tested the systems, we'll bring in the penguins and they'll have a few weeks to get used to their new home and bond with their caregivers. We plan on opening the exhibit soon; once the penguins are comfortable in their new home. View time lapse videos of the building construction:

Camera 1

Camera 2 


Penguin Chill Timeline - Updated Fall 2018

Habitat Closures at the BioPark

Your Albuquerque tax dollars are at work creating new homes for many of our residents. The following habitats are closed until further notice:

  • Parrots (Zoo)
  • Raptor Roost (Zoo)

Recently Updated/Added Habitats

  • Malayan tiger (Zoo)
  • Jaguar (Zoo)
  • The Colores Kid's Playground (Zoo)
  • Bird Annex (Behind the Scenes, Zoo)
  • Elephant Barn expansion (Zoo)
  • Otters (Aquarium)
  • Butterflies and Bees (Botanic Garden)

Current Projects