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Cable Franchise & Hearing Board

Information about Albuquerque's Cable Franchise and Hearing Board.


City of Albuquerque Assistant City Attorney Jane Yee advises the Cable Franchise and Hearing Board.

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In accordance with Section 13-5-2-1, Revised Ordinances of Albuquerque (1994), the City of Albuquerque maintains a Cable Franchise and Hearing Board to provide a mechanism for community participation in cable franchise-related matters and for the development of recommendations to the Mayor and City Council on cable-related issues, such as technology updates and the cable operator's level and quality of service.

Under a cable franchise ordinance, the cable operator pays a franchise fee and agrees to comply with rules governing construction, consumer service standards, and, generally, the public welfare. In exchange, the City grants the cable operator a non-exclusive right to install, maintain and operate a cable network in the City's rights-of-way, in other words, its streets, roads, highways, sidewalks, easements, or other public thoroughfares.

About the Cable Franchise & Hearing Board

Board Members

Current membership of Cable Franchise and Hearing Board:

  • Brian White
  • Michael V. Marcotte
  • Nancy Montaño

Meeting Schedule

The Cable Franchise and Hearing Board generally meets on the fourth Tuesday of every month.

View upcoming scheduled meetings and agendas.

Cable Franchise & Hearing Board Meeting Minutes

Cable Franchise & Hearing Board Resolutions