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Comcast Complaint Form

Customer reports concerns directly to Comcast.

Telephone Contact

To make your complaint by telephone, please call (505) 768-5340.

The City of Albuquerque can act as a liaison between Albuquerque residents and Comcast Communications. If you have contacted Comcast and are not satisfied with their response or the resulting outcome please use the form.

Please give as much information as possible and a short statement of your contact with Comcast to this point.

Once you have filled out the form below and submitted it to our office, we will contact Comcast. The Cable Company will then contact you directly and try to work with you in an effort to come to a successful conclusion. If you are unable to successfully work out the complaint our office will proceed to the next step and notify the subscriber of their rights under the Customer Service Standards, Comcast Franchise Ordinance, Exh. B.