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ABQ RIDE provides bike racks on the front of buses and bike racks inside of ART buses so getting there is easier than ever for cyclists. Follow these simple instructions and you and your bike will be riding in no time.

How to Take Your Bike on the Bus

On Albuquerque Rapid Transit

  1. Make sure there’s room on the ART bus. If the bus is full, you may have to wait for the next bus
  2. Roll your bike directly on board through the back door. Be mindful of other passengers
  3. If there is room in the bike trough, pick your bike up and place the bottom wheel into the trough
  4. Make sure the top wheel is secured into place
  5. At your stop, carefully remove your bike from the bike rack and exit the bus. Always be mindful of other passengers

On a Regular Bus

  1. Once the bus has stopped, make sure there is room for your bike. If the rack is full, take the next bus
  2. If the bike rack is folded up against the front of the bus, pull the handle up to release, and lower the rack into its working position.
  3. If your bike is first, load with the handlebars toward the curb, and the wheels in the slots nearest the bus. If your bike is second, load with the handlebars opposite.
  4. Pull the hook out and over the front wheel, and release it gently. Remove your water bottle, pump, etc., before boarding the bus.
  5. Raise the spring loaded bar up and over the front tire and place it on top of the tire, close to the bike frame.
  6. At your stop, let the driver know you need to remove your bike and then exit the front of the bus. Remove your bike, put the rack up, and then wave to let the driver know you and your bike are clear.

Tip: Don’t forget to grab your bike. It happens more often than you’d think!

View a Bike Map of Albuquerque

Albuquerque features more than 400 miles of on-street bicycle facilities and multi-use trails.

You and your bike are ready to catch a ride with ABQRIDE. Don’t forget your helmet!

Additional Commuting Resources

Guaranteed Ride Home

People are often uncomfortable about using alternative transportation because they don’t want to be stranded during a personal emergency. Guaranteed Ride Home provides reassurance that a ride will available when it is needed.

If an emergency occurs, Guaranteed Ride Home members will simply call the number provided when they signed up and a driver will be sent to pick them up. For more information, call 505-724-3115 or email [email protected].