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Smart Business Partnership

Getting you trained utilizing a regional mass transit system.


ABQ RIDE and Rio Metro want you to get connected. We have developed a Travel Training Program and Guide to help you understand how to use a regional mass transit system for all your transportation needs.

The Travel Training Program’s purpose is to better serve our current and potential riders by making them better informed about our services and how they relate to each other. ABQ RIDE and Rio Metro have come together to provide you with comprehensive training on how to effectively use a multi modal system. We want you to GET CONNECTED!'

This program will teach people how to use the ABQ RIDE city-wide bus system and connect you to the New Mexico Rail Runner Express and vice versa. Mobility to meet the citizen needs puts it in a nut shell.

Department personnel are trained to support the Travel Training Program and to provide quality service be it addressing bus or train service or a combination of both. Department personnel both at ABQ RIDE and Rio Metro will take the training program to businesses, educational institutions and a variety of service organizations. If you are interested in hosting a Travel Training session in your organization please contact Nick Manole by phone at 724-3115 or email [email protected]


Use Mass Transit - It's Good for All of Us!




Promote the use of alternative transportation by providing your employees with this information, courtesy of ABQ Ride:

ABQ RIDE's Smart Business Partnership

ABQ RIDE's Smart Business Partnership Program allows area businesses to team with ABQ RIDE to promote the use of alternative transportation among their employees and customers.

SBPP and Transportation Demand Management

The Smart Business Partnership Program will develop and promote Transportation Demand Management (TDM) programs that encourage the use of alternative modes of transportation to improve air quality and decrease traffic congestion in the Albuquerque area.

SBPP Mission

To work with major employers from Belen to Santa Fe to create awareness and incentives to reduce the use of single occupant vehicles. By being a Smart partner in our community each business will be recognized for its efforts.

Employer Benefits

By joining the Smart Business Partnership Program, local employers will receive the following benefits:

  • An alternative way for your employees to get to work.
  • Recognition of your support in the community.
  • The chance to say that your company is doing its part in helping the environment.
  • The Smart Business Partnership Program is FREE.

Employee Benefits

The Smart Business Partnership Program benefits not just business owners but also their employees who can expect to:

  • Save money on commuting (through discounted bus passes and limited use of single-occupancy vehicles)
  • Reduce stress
  • Reduce the possibility of automobile accidents
  • Help conserve the environment

Community Benefits

By taking part in the Smart Business Partnership Program and encouraging the use of alternative transportation, area businesses are also helping the community as a whole by:

  • Reducing air pollution
  • Reducing traffic congestion
  • Reducing energy consumption
  • Boosting the local economy - dollars saved by not using single-occupancy vehicles can be reinvested in the community

For more information on ABQ RIDE’s Smart Business Partnership Program, please call 724-3115 to set up a meeting with Nick Manole, Marketing Specialist.