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City of Albuquerque Announces Fiber Internet to Every Home and Business

Internet service provider Vexus Fiber brings $250 million investment in Albuquerque broadband infrastructure.

Dec. 20, 2022

Today, the City of Albuquerque and internet service provider Vexus Fiber announced the start of construction on the city’s first fiber-to-the-home internet network. Once completed, every home and business in the city will have the option to connect to the fiber internet with unsurpassed speed and reliability. Vexus estimates the need for over 200 construction jobs over the next five years for the project, with 150 permanent jobs coming to the city. The company’s total investment in Albuquerque will be $250 million.

“Quality internet is vital for everyone in our city, and we are making sure that no one is at a disadvantage no matter the zip code,” said Mayor Tim Keller. “The demand is only increasing as technology drives so much of our daily lives for work, education, healthcare, and even connecting with each other.”

The network will be offer internet speeds up to 2,000 megabits per second (Mbps), compared to the current national average of about 119 Mbps. The price for the faster service will be comparable to other internet providers, with discounted rates available to those that qualify. The fiber technology uses glass filaments and light pulses to move internet, video, voice, and more instead of electricity.

“Construction starts today to lay the foundation of a network that will accommodate decades of growth in Albuquerque, with superfast internet at affordable prices,” said Jim Gleason President and CEO of Vexus Fiber. “We’re launching with offering up to 2,000 megabits of symmetrical speeds, but our system will eventually accommodate up to 10,000 megabits per second for every user in the city. We are putting down roots in Albuquerque and are excited to be part of the technological growth here for years to come.”

The first phase of installation will begin north of the Downtown area, with service available in early 2023. As part of its agreement with the City, Vexus will offer to install fiber internet directly to every home and business in Albuquerque, ensuring equal access to its services.

“We are taking major leaps to close the digital divide,” said Brian Osterloh, director of the Department of Technology and Innovation.“The City’s Broadband Office works to support the needs all of our businesses and communities with strategic investments and partnerships to bring broad, equitable, and accessible coverage. Improved internet services essential to Albuquerque’s digital infrastructure as 21st-century technologies are employed by all industries”

To receive updates on when Vexus Fiber will be available at each house or business, view pricing, and enroll in the service, visit or call 800-658-2150.