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Albuquerque Smart Communities

Creating smart communities by combining the latest smart technologies with innovative solutions.

The Smart City Initiative

The Smart City initiative is all about combining smart hardware and software into smart solutions. The goal is not just to produce data, but to improve safety, communication, and mobility. By adding Smart City technology to key points in Albuquerque, we can use trash cans, bus stops, or crosswalks to identify ongoing issues or opportunities in an automated and intelligent way.

Albuquerque Smart Communities Prospectus Presentation

Download the full Albuquerque Smart Communities Prospectus Presentation

Watch: CABQ Smart Communities Prospectus Companion Video

Learn more about some of our Smart Communities initiatives, projects, and partnerships.

Watch: CABQ Smart Communities Pino Yards Proving Grounds

Our Proving Grounds at Pino Yards allow us to take the Smart City initiative from concept to application, allowing us the opportunity to put various smart technologies, both hardware and software, to a real-word test. Learn more about the Proving Grounds at Pino Yards in the video below.